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Efficiency Unveiled: Mastering Harmonics for Uninterrupted Industrial Operations and Greater Profits

This webinar series delves into the challenges faced by industries grappling with evolving technologies. From the demands of expanding data centers in the age of e-commerce, to the intricacies of managing manufacturing facilities, as well as warehousing & logistics operations, explore solutions to mitigate VFD-induced risks and enhance operational efficiency. Gain insights into prolonging motor lifespan, minimizing downtime, adhering to utility standards, and increasing profits, with respect to overcoming electrical harmonic distortion, all while learning how to apply these valuable strategies for sustained success in today's dynamic industrial landscape.

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Duration (Per Session): 20 minutes


This webinar series offers comprehensive insights into the harmonic challenges and solutions of modern industrial operations.

With data centers seeing unprecedented growth due to advancements in AI, blockchain, and IoT, efficient cooling solutions are paramount.

Meanwhile, e-commerce demands put immense pressure on manufacturing, and warehousing & logistics operations, placing importance on mitigating VFD-induced downtime.

Likewise, as automation expands, the detrimental effects of electrical harmonic distortion become apparent, requiring innovative power quality solutions to ensure prolonged motor lifespan and uninterrupted operations.

We also explore IEEE 519-2022 essentials, providing practical guidance on handling harmonic distortion in operations to meet stringent utility standards and enhance operational efficiency.

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