Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a webinar?

a webinar, also referred to as a virtual Webinar, is a computer-based simulated trade show/educational conference-like environment. These environments are developed and hosted by companies such as Engineering360 with the desire to offer online education and interaction for the benefit of a targeted audience of attendees. These Webinars and environments are accessible via the convenience of your desktop. a webinar can be a single day Webinar or multiple day Webinar.

2) What does it cost to attend?

Engineering360 Webinars are completely FREE of charge for all attendees. Visit our Upcoming Webinars page for a complete listing of all Engineering360's upcoming Webinars.

3) Are there any limitations with Engineering360's Webinars?

No. Engineering360's Webinars are a cost-effective and time-saving way to bring together engineering, scientific, and industrial professionals to one place to participate in interactive learning, knowledge sharing and networking discussions. Engineering360 Webinars allow professionals to learn about new products, technologies, and the latest applications and industry trends, right from the convenience of their desktops. Networking with peers and suppliers, although not face-to-face, is just as effective and convenient via the interactive chat and email functionality as well as the exchange of virtual business cards.

4) Do I have to be a computer expert to get something out of this Webinar?

No. If you have prior experience in chat rooms and other interactive online sites, you will easily be able to navigate around the environment.

5) What do I need to do before I attend?

Simply fill out the registration form and run the system checks to ensure software compatibility with the environment. Upon successful registration, you will immediately receive an email confirmation with detailed instructions for attending, followed by reminder emails up to the morning of the Webinar. You will be able to access the Webinar directly via the email you will receive the morning of the Webinar.

6) What are the Webinar hours?

The Webinar hours can be found on the invitations to the Webinarand on the Engineering360 Webinars web page (, and on the "Webinar Agenda" tab under the "Webinar Info" tab, located on the bottom navigation bar in the environment.

You may find a webinar of interest by first going to the Upcoming Webinars page and looking for a webinar that interests you. Clicking on that Webinar will take you to the Webinar details which will display the Webinar agenda and Webinar hours.

7) Who do I contact for assistance?

During the Webinar: Select one of the representatives currently at the Help Desk and initiate a live chat or send an email.

General Email: The general support email address is: This email address can be used for live day or on-demand support.

Phone For Live Webinar Day Support:
US Toll Free: 1-866-921-8234
International Toll Free: 1-415-738-2954

8) What is the difference between an On-Demand and Live Webinar?

An On-Demand Webinar or education session is available to interested viewers for a specified period of time - generally 30, 60 or 90 days. It is a pre-recorded Webinar available via the internet and viewers can access the Webinar/sessions at their leisure. Content from sessions and content in the exhibit areas is available for downloading during this On-Demand period. The main difference between the live Webinar and On-Demand Webinar is that, as an attendee/viewer, you can not participate in live interactive chat with speakers, other Webinar attendees, or booth reps unless someone happens to be in that On-Demand environment when you are. Booth reps can easily be accessed via email during an On-Demand period.

9) How long will the Webinar material be available, On-Demand, after the live Webinar?

All Webinar material and exhibits will be available for registered attendees for 90 days following the live day Webinar. The materials and recorded live day presentations will be available On-Demand immediately following the last education session on that live day. During the 90 days, you can still ask questions of the exhibitors via e-mail and download presentations, resources, and reference material to your briefcase and/or desktop. Any information that you download and save to your briefcase should be saved to your desktop for future reference after the 90 day On-Demand period.

10) How do I upload my photo for my profile when I arrive at the Webinar?

While logged in to the live Webinar you will click on the "My Information" tab and then the "My Profile" tab. The "My Profile" area allows you to change your photo or "Avatar" within the Webinar environment. The "Avatar/Photo" tab within your profile will allow you to use the Default Avatar; select an Avatar from the standard images offered, or Upload an Avatar. The Upload an Avatar step will allow you to browse your files and choose a personal picture to upload to your profile.

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Login Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble logging in? Try following this guide.

1) What are the system requirements for attending?

Operating System / Browser
    — Windows XP and later with Internet
              • Explorer 7 and above
              • Firefox 3.6 and above
              • Chrome 8 and above
    — Mac OS 10.5 and above
              • Firefox 3.6 and above
              • Chrome 8 and above
Media Player: Flash 10.0.12+
Display Size: Optimized for 1024px x 768px
Bandwidth: 500 Kbps minimum
Server Access: Corporate firewall and proxy settings allow content from the domain "". Port 80 (via HTTP) needs to be open.
VPN/Wireless Access: Not supported by the platform. You must have a direct connection to the internet from the computer you will be using to access the Webinar.
View technical requirements

2) How can I perform a system check?

Please visit:

3) Do I need to disable my pop-up blocker?

Yes, pop-up blockers must be disabled to enter the Webinar environment. Please see below for instructions.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  • Click the Tools button, and then click Pop-up Blocker.
  • Click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

If you are using FireFox:

  • Click the Tools button, and then click Options.
  • Click on the Web Features icon in the list on the left.
  • Remove the checkmark beside the Block Pop-up windows option.
  • Click Ok to close the window.

4) Is Real Media Player/Windows Media Player required?

No, they are not needed by Engineering360 Webinars. We are currently using a Flash based media player for our presentations.

5) How do I get assistance or help?

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us at:

Virtual Show Support Phone For Live Webinar Day Support:
Toll Free Number: 1-866-921-8234
International/Toll Number: 1-415-738-2954

Virtual Show Support Email For Live Webinar Day or On-Demand Support:
Email Support:
Please include the Webinar name in the subject line of the email and detailed information regarding your issue, (including a screenshot is helpful too). If remote, please be sure to reconnect to VPN to send your email.

If you have any questions regarding the Webinar content or if you need post-Webinar assistance,
please contact:

Internet Explorer To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, click here.
Firefox To download the latest version of Firefox, click here.
Safari To download the latest version of Safari, click here.
Adobe Flash To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, click here.

6) How do I access Webinar Data after the Webinar?

Your personalized post Webinar data portal is accessible via "My Briefcase" located under the "My Information" tab on the navigation toolbar at the bottom of the Lobby page. The data portal in your briefcase will include all of your chat transcripts, emails, and V-Cards exchanged for follow-up after the Webinar.

7) Can I use the Webinar email to send outside messages?

The Webinar email is only for internal (in Webinar) communication. For the security of our attendees, no external emails can be sent from the Webinar.

8) Will my company firewall be an issue?

Please make sure your corporate firewall and proxy settings allow content from the domain "". Access to the base application and chat services requires only port 80 (via HTTP). Please work with your System Administrator to enable these settings for accessing the Virtual Show.

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Webinar FLOOR

1) What do the icons on the toolbar do?

The Webinar toolbar is located at the bottom of the Webinar floor and it will help you to navigate around the Webinar environment.

The Lobby is your entry point into the Webinar. You may access certain locations by clicking on the area signage in the lobby itself: Exhibitors, Resources, Presentations, and the Knowledge Exchange.
Each participating exhibitor will be represented by their brand/company logo. Click on the company logo to access the booth.
Select Presentations to enter into the Conference Center where you will find a complete listing of the educational Webinar sessions and session times. You may view the educational sessions "live" and "on-demand" from within the Conference Center.
Knowledge Exchange
Click on the Knowledge Exchange tab to join other Webinar attendees and exhibitors in the Knowledge Exchange. This is the main communication hub of the environment where all main group chat takes place.
Clicking the Resources tab takes you directly to the Resource Center where you can view all documents and links provided by Engineering360, your Webinar host or participating exhibitors. These materials may be added to your briefcase and uploaded to your desktop.
My Information
Clicking this tab on the Nav Bar gives you access to your:

Briefcase — to view the items (presentations, documents/pdfs, booths, attendee contacts, chats, and giveaways) that you collected while participating in the Webinar. Use the Briefcase to download collected files to your PC.

Profile — leads you to your "profile page". Here you provide contact information such as your name, company name, job function, industry and more, and you upload your photo or select an image to represent you while in the live day Webinar.

Share Your Thoughts — this tab will take you to our Webinar survey that we would appreciate all Webinar attendees taking the time to complete and submit. The survey is designed to gather feedback from you regarding your experience at our Engineering360 Webinar and to use that feedback to enhance future Webinars.
Private Chat
Click to gain access to your active or existing chat sessions with attendees or booth reps.
Click to access messages in your inbox or outbox � messages that you have received or sent to other Webinar attendees or booth reps. The message tab allows you to compose, reply to, or delete messages and add new contacts.
Clicking the "Search" tab allows you to search for content in the environment that is provided by Engineering360 or exhibitors. You may also search for people who are participating in the environment.
Clicking on this tab takes you to our Help Desk where you can chat or email support staff. You may also view our Attendee Guide which provides information about our Webinar environment, and review our FAQ and Technical Requirements documents.
Clicking on this tab on the Navigation Bar will allow you to exit the Webinar.

2) What happens if I click on the banner ads?

You may find clickable ads dispersed throughout the various locations of the Webinar. When you click on the banner ad, you will be taken to the area or the Webinar that is being advertised. The video screens are not clickable within the environment.

3) What is the scrolling message on the bottom of the screen?

The marquee presents general Webinar announcements like; Prize Winners, Presentations Announcements, and Show Updates.











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1) How do I find someone at the Webinar?

The "Search" tab on the bottom navigation bar within the environment allows you to search for both People and Content. If you would like to find someone within the Webinar you will click the Search Tab on the bottom navigation and the "People" option from the pop-up menu. From the "People Search" box (shown below) you can enter any information you may have about the person and click the Search button at the bottom of the box to search for any individual.

People Search

2) Is there an advanced search?

Yes, from the "People Search" box you can enter any information you may have about the person and click the "Advanced Tools" on the right side of the form to set the importance of various search criteria.

Advanced People Search

There is also advanced search functionality available when searching for content within the Webinar. This functionality allows you to search by keyword or words and under set categories of information.

Content Search

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The Webinar provides three communication services; Chat, Email, and V-Card exchange. These communication activities can occur with anyone in the Webinar.

1) How do I access the communication services?

From the "Who's Here" list of participants, select who you want to communicate with and a communication screen from which Chat, Email, and V-Card can be initiated. The "Who's Here" list is a feature located in the Knowledge Exchange and in each individual Exhibitor booth. From the base of the "Who's Here" list of participants, you can also launch the Group Chat function which allows you to chat with a group of participants at the same time and the entire Group Chat will be visible.

Who's Here

2) Are there different types of chat?

There are two types of show chat. First is Private (1 on 1 chat), the other is Group chat. Group chat is available in the lounge and individual booths. Personal/private chat is available throughout the Webinar and can be initiated through the people search function. Scheduled Group Chat could also be available in the Knowledge Exchange for certain Webinars. These group chats are scheduled to run at a certain time interval, on certain topics, or with guest speakers.

3) What is the difference between Private Chat vs. Group Chat?

One-on-One Chat allows for a private conversation between any two people within the Webinar environment. This chat is entered into by request only, from one attendee to the other and is only seen by the two individuals conducting the chat. It operates in an IM based context.

Group Chat can be entered into automatically when an attendee enters into the Knowledge Exchange or Booth and clicks on the Group Chat button and types in a message. This chat is a public chat amongst multiple attendees and staffers at the same time and operates under the same IM context but in a group format.

From the Knowledge Exchange:
Knowledge Exchange: Location Chat

From the booth:
Knowledge Exchange: Location Chat

Inside each booth you can communicate with other attendees one-on-one using the Who's Here button. You can chat with booth representatives by clicking on the Chat with Us button, and lastly, you may also participate in Group Chat within each booth by clicking on the Booth Chat button. Clicking on each button will open up the appropriate screen to allow for chat.

4) How do I know when other attendees want to chat?

If someone else is trying to communicate with you, there will be numbers along the bottom navigation bar indicating unread messages or private chat invitations. You can view the messages or chat requests by selecting the tab.

Navigation Bar

5) Can I communicate with someone that is not online?

To communicate with someone offline send a webinar email. When they come online the email will be in their Webinar mail box.

6) Can I communicate with multiple people at the same time?

You can chat with as many users as you would like while also exchanging mail and V-Cards or attending presentations.

7) Where do I see my messages/emails?

You can Send/Receive show email to/from other show attendees and staff using the Messages Tab on the Navigation Bar.


8) Where do I see my open chats?

To see any current of open chats with other Webinar attendees you can click on the Private Chats tab on the bottom Navigation Bar.

Private Chat

9) How do V-Cards work?

In order to capture the V-Card info, you must first be able to accept other attendee requests for the V-Card or request others V-Cards by selecting the Exchange V-Card button in their Attendee Window. Once they have accepted your request, you will be able to download and view this information.

Attendee Window

10) How do I troubleshoot chat problems?

Network Requirements: Please make sure your corporate firewall and proxy settings allow content from the domain "" AND make sure your corporate environment is not blocking chat content using content filters. Access to the base application & chat services requires only port 80 (via HTTP).

TYS failing on Server Accessibility: Chat features over port 80 are guaranteed to work unless content filters are in place. Please work with your System Administrator to disable content filter settings for accessing the Webinar.

11) What if TYS passes, but can't initiate private chats OR get connection to group chats OR chat connections keep dropping?

1. Make sure there is no sharing of logins

2. If IE, make sure you close all browser windows. IE allows up to 2 simultaneous http requests. For VShow, Chat takes up one perpetual connection and the application itself requires anotehr on need basis. So, if another user application is running on another browser instance or tab, VShow functionality may get affected, especially chat.

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1) How do I access a booth?

Booths can be accessed from multiple areas including:

Exhibitors – By clicking on the logo.
Banner Ad – By clicking on a banner ad that may be available.

2) What can I do in a booth?

Each booth has a series of tabs to the right on the booth. Select a tab and the content behind the tab is displayed in the center of your screen. Tabs can be different for each of the booths based on what they have to communicate to you.

Some booths also have in booth presentations, some of which include voice over, so be sure to have your speakers on.

You can also chat with other attendees in the booth the same time you are in the booth; chat with booth representatives or participate in group chat.

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1) How do I see what presentations are available?

Webinar presentations are accessed through the Conference Center which is accessed from the main Webinar floor lobby or from the bottom Navigation Bar under the Presentations tab. When you enter the Conference Center you can browse all presentations that are available for this Webinar by scrolling through the titles in the main window.

2) What are the types of presentations?

You can view the following types of presentations:

1. Keynotes
2. Interview Sessions
3. Panel Discussions
4. Product Demos

3) What are the times of presentations?

The times for presentations can be found in the schedule in the Conference Center on the day of the Live Webinar. All presentation times are in your time zone (which can be changed within your Profile).

4) Can I ask questions?

Yes. You can ask questions in real time during the live presentations by using the question area to enter and submit your question to the speaker. The speaker can view all questions in real time.

5) Can I leave and then re-enter a presentation?

All presentations allow you to come and go as you please. However, in a Live day Webinar, presentations are live and once you leave, you will miss a portion of the Webinar and if you come back, you will pick up exactly where the speaker is in his or her presentation. In an on-demand presentation (available at the conclusion of the Live day) presentations can be re-entered as frequently as needed, though each time you re-enter it will start at the beginning of the presentation and you can fast-forward to where you would like to begin watching the presentation.

6) How do I watch the presentation(s)/webcast(s)?

Go to the Conference Center. Select the presentations tab on the bottom Navigation Bar. Once the Conference Center listings show up, click on the title of the presentation you are trying to view. A pop up window will appear. Click on the Attend button at the lower right corner of the window. This button will appear at the scheduled start time for live presentations.

7) I cannot view the live presentation (no audio/visual movement), so what should I do?

  • What are you currently seeing on the screen? What location are you in?
  • Which presentation specifically are you trying to attend?
  • Are the slides moving? Video playing? Audio playing? Have you viewed webcasts before?
  • ACTION: Refresh your webcast/presentation window (F5 or CTRL+R)
  • ACTION: Clear your temporary internet files (browser cache, found under Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History), refresh, and then attempt access again.

The attend button is "grayed out" for the presentation.

  • Which presentation specifically are you trying to attend? Presentations will only be accessible during their designated start times (on the live day), listed on the left hand side of the auditorium listings.
  • ACTION: Refresh your webcast/presentation window (F5 or CTRL+R)
  • ACTION: Clear your temporary internet files (browser cache, found under Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History), refresh, and then attempt access again.

8) I don't see any of the presentations files I downloaded into my briefcase. What should I do?

Presentations are not available for hard copy download. Presentations are only available via online media stream in the virtual environment. When presentations are saved and downloaded in a briefcase, what is provided is all supplemental information, along with a direct stream link (when the webcast is available again).

9) Will I be able to watch any of the presentations I have missed?

Yes, the entire online conference will be available again for replay at the conclusion of the Live day Webinar. You will receive an e-mail with more information.

10) What are tracks?

Tracks are a way for the Webinar Producers to better organize a webinar. This leads to a better experience for attendees who can follow a single track or multiple tracks based on their interest.

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1) Where can I go to interact with attendees that attend the Webinar?

To chat with other attendees, visit the Knowledge Exchange which is accessed from the Lobby or the navigation bar located at the bottom of the Webinar environment pages.

Just like at an in-person Webinar, your networking experience can be the most rewarding experience of the Webinar. The Knowledge Exchange allows all exhibitors and attendees to network. Posting a message in the Knowledge Exchange is as easy as selecting the Group Chat button and typing that message in the Group Chat and pressing Send.

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1) How do I access the Resource Center to see what documents are available?

To view various documents/details, click on Resources at the bottom of the Lobby or click Resources on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the Webinar environment pages. To make it easier for you to find specific information, documents and links can be sorted by Title, Company, Track or Category. Once you find a resource you want to review, open the document right in the Resource Center and select the Download button, or add them to your briefcase by selecting the briefcase icon on the right.

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*Note - Not all Webinars offer prizes.

1) What are the types of prizes (giveaways)?

There are two categories of prizes: Webinar and Booth. All attendees qualify for Webinar prizes and accumulate chances based on their activity in the Webinar. To qualify for a booth prize the attendee must go into that exhibitor's booth to learn how to qualify.

2) Where are the prize rules?

You can access the full Prize rules by going into the Prize Center and clicking on the rules tab and the rules will display on your screen. The Prize Center is located in the Knowledge Exchange.

3) How do I see what the Webinar prize is?

Information on the Webinar prize is accessed through the Prize Center which is which is located in the Knowledge Exchange.

4) How can I get Booth Giveaways?

Booths may or may not offer Giveaways. Typically, an attendee would click on the Giveaways button, submitting their request to receive the Giveaway. Occasionally, a giveaway might be tied to taking a survey or poll.

5) How are prize winners notified?

Prize winners are announced daily and information is posted on the scrolling Marquee located at the lower section of your show floor.

6) How do I view the chances I have accumulated?

Enter the Prize Center, located in the Knowledge Exchange. The chances you have accumulated for Webinar prize(s) are displayed under the Points tab.

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1) Are Webinars secure Web sites?

Yes, attendees can only get into a show with email/password authentication which is setup during the Registration process.

2) Is my real identity protected?

Yes, your real identity (the information you provided during Registration) is never given out to other attendees. All that others get to see is the information you choose to share through your Profile.

The only way other attendees can get your Real identity is if they acquire your V-Card which is sent to them only after you grant permission to receive it.