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On-Demand Webinar:

Electronic Components & Product Design

Date: March 27, 2013
Time: 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT / 6:15 PM CET)
Duration: 0.75 hour


The multicore era has now reached the deployment stage in embedded systems ranging from small mobile devices to large wireless basestations. The transition from single core to multicore processors, driven by the need to increase performance while conserving power, has placed much of the responsibility on the shoulders of software engineers. In this new embedded multicore era, the most difficult task is the development of code to support more sophisticated systems.

This presentation provides embedded engineers with solid grounding in the skills required to develop software targeting multicore processors. It will explore the various multicore programming models such as symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing, different virtualization use cases for multicore, performance analysis, and a survey of the tools of the trade. Both general multicore design principles and processor-specific optimization techniques are revealed. Detailed coverage of critical issues for multicore employment within embedded systems is provided, including the threading development cycle, analysis, design, development, debugging, and performance tuning of threaded applications.

Software development techniques involving optimal mobility and energy efficiency are highlighted through various case studies, which provide practical "how-to" advice on implementing software on the latest multicore processors.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about some of the key software components used for embedded multicore processors
  • Explore the different programming models for embedded multicore
  • Discover tips and tricks for embedded software optimization on multicore platforms
  • Inestigate the various debug strategies for multicore
  • Learn about the various use cases for virtualization for multicore


Robert Oshana, Director, Software Research and Development, Freescale Semiconductor

Rob Oshana's 30 years of experience in the software industry, has been primarily focused on embedded and real-time systems for the defense and semiconductor industries. He has BSEE, MSEE, MSCS, and MBA degrees and is a Senior Member of IEEE. He has given over 100 presentations and publications in various technology fields and has written several books on Embedded software technology. Rob is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University where he teaches graduate software engineering courses. He is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of Global Software R&D for Networking and Multimedia at Freescale Semiconductor.

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