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Engineering360 Webinars incorporate educational sessions lead by industry experts and thought leaders with the expertise to provide presentations that focus on the latest technical training, research studies, methods, and solutions for engineering, scientific, and industrial professionals. Educational sessions are designed to provide the type of content that keeps professionals competitive in today's global marketplace and provides immediate impact to work-related projects and businesses.

Why Present at an Engineering360 Webinar?

  • Educational sessions are developed using high quality content and creative production formats on par with broadcast TV
  • Videotaped speaker presentations ensure high webinar attendance and engagement levels
  • Educational sessions allow you and your company to showcase your knowledge and expertise with key decision-makers and individuals who influence buying decisions
  • Speaking opportunities provide you the ability to build company credibility, increase brand awareness, and be viewed as industry leaders by your target audience
Become a Thought Leader
Become a Thought Leader
Educational Presentation Library
Educational Presentation Library
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Presentations for Engineering360 Webinars can be 30 - 50 minutes in length. Engineering360 contracts and hires speakers as early as 6-9 months in advance of a webinar. The submission deadline date to be considered as a speaker for a specific webinar is 6 months prior to the webinar date. If your submission is selected, a member of the Engineering360 Webinar Group will contact you.

Commercial presentations will not be considered.

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