Attendee Testimonials

Read what attendees are saying about Engineering360's online events:
"Excellent event! Keep up the great job!"
Roy Reizovic
"The tremendous value here is being able to see the sessions at my convenience."
"Kudos to you guys. I appreciate the program."
"This was a great experience. I am looking forward to attending future events."
Rajesh Bhatija
"I really enjoyed each presentation and it was great to not have to travel to attend them!"
Coy Riley
"Your presentation had useful and cutting edge information for energy management."
Gary Regynski
"I enjoyed this event and appreciated the ease of use and flexibility."
Lisa Reece-Burdette
"An excellent way to visit booths and get info on new/upcoming products."
"Great information and resources."
"It was really nice to see the exhibits and download brochures without having to leave the office!"
"Great event. Keep up the great work!"
Roy Reizovic
"I look forward to other opportunities to participate in IHS GlobalSpec events in the future."
David Williams
"Great Experience!"
"Well done!"
Richard Buchanan
"This is a great forum!"
David Andrews
"Very informative!"
Rich Buchanan
"I was able to chat with company reps about my needs and get feedback quickly."
Edward Engel
"I enjoyed this event and would not hesitate to attend another online event."
Rich Lee
"Very informative!"
Abbas Ali
"Taking the time to attend this event was worthwhile."
John Furseth
"I am looking forward to the next event that I can again attend from my desk!"
Efans Iran
"The information was readily available and someone was always ready to answer any questions."
Luis Cho
"The presentations were highly scientific."
Patrick Anthony
"Very Valuable!"
Piyush Patel
"Online events save me time, money and I am able to avoid the hassle of traveling."
"The information provided is close to being priceless. Company sales reps do not provide the in depth, honest, and immediate data provided here."
Edward Kelly
"Best online event I have seen."
Adewole Ogundere
"These shows are an excellent method of introducing me to products and services that I might not otherwise be aware of due to travel limitations. Keep up the great work!"
Roy Reizovic
"The educational sessions provided excellent information."
Hugo Contreras
"It afforded me the opportunity to see different technologies and review topics I have not come across anywhere else."
"I was really impressed by the idea and implementation of the event."
"This is the new era of events!"
"Very interesting and time-efficient!"
Fernando Dominguez
"Online events are fun!"
"I did not have to wait in line to talk to anyone or waste time traveling."
"Your events allowed me to participate in discussions centered on important topics in my industry."
Rafat Ramadan
"Your event provided me with great exposure to the marketplace."
Mark Jarman
"This event allowed me to gather a lot of valuable industry information in a short amount of time."
Steve Kelly
"This event provided an excellent, interactive explanation of engineering practices within my industry."
Michael Dube
"GlobalSpec’s online events are a fantastic tool! These events give me quick, in-depth access to relevant industry information."
"Attending webcasts within GlobalSpec’s online event gave me a better view of what is going on in the industry, while also providing keen insight into future trends."
Gina O'Flanagan
"As a first time attendee I was impressed. This online event was a fabulous overall experience. I plan to tune in to future events."
Bob Kozojet
"This was my first online event and I absolutely loved it. I wish more tradeshows were as interactive as GlobalSpec’s online events."
William Humble
"Thank you for inviting me to this most informative meeting. Not having to leave the office was a major plus. I look forward to more sessions from GlobalSpec."
Pat Pennington
"This was my first online experience, way better than spending big money on travel, hotels etc."
Edward Beday
"I just want to say thank you, and keep up the great work. I am very glad I attended and can't wait to see the next exhibitor show."
"I only had the chance to catch the AGV presentation, but I was really impressed with the way the event was organized. It’s really great way to be exposed to content."
Alan Diaz
"The event was excellent as was the ability to access all presentations, videos, brochures and chat -- all from my’s beyond tomorrow."
Andreas Zissimos
"Clear -- not just reading stuff -- intelligent. Wonderful use of my time."
Hugh Macdonald
"This was my first online exhibition and it's a nice way to see new companies."
Rich Whipple
"Super impressed. Nice job GlobalSpec. Hope to catch one on manufacturing in the future."
Terry Stapleton
"This was my first virtual event and it was a great experience. Thank You."
Tom Manley
"I worked with many vendors gathering information to make a informed decision in buy/updating equipment."
Donald Beck
"It's a great experience. Virtual events like this should be more common!!!!!"
Jesus Zambrano
"GlobalSpec's virtual events keep improving. Way to raise the bar!"
Jonathan Snyder
"The communication with vendors is fantastic. The event met and actually exceeded my expectations. Event host knew the answers to questions or steered me to a place for answers."
Donald Beck
"Although the show content was not conducive to my business, I found the format to be very good, easy to use, and most important, I didn't have to leave the office."
Casey Urosek
"The event was excellent. I will encourage people to come to these events because they are very useful."
Abed Ridha
"Thank you so much for a great business opportunity!"
James Serrano
"Excellent! Very professional, easy to navigate, packed with valuable information."
Brian Thompson
"GlobalSpec is a first stop for me when looking for innovative answers to our needs in matters of Facility Design and Maintenance for our type of industry."
Gene Parranto
"Very cool first experience of a virtual event. Would have loved to see more booths, but getting to know about 15 new enterprises in 1 hour while being at the office is already plenty of benefit."
Jean-Francois Jette
"Thanks to GlobalSpec for the opportunity to get such valuable information."
Jaime Escalona
"This online trade show worked very well for me, and I thank you all for setting this up and look forward to similar future events."
David Pucci
"The presentations in this virtual event were very informative - it helps me keep abreast of new changes to the industry and environment."
"The event was great, keep coming back with such knowledgeable events especially fire & safety."
A. Babukotian
"I liked the way everything was presented. Didn't take too long to learn how to navigate the site. I also found some new suppliers for some of the products we use. Thanks for inviting me to this function."
Rick Cutlip
"Great presentation. Topic, approach, perspective were new and innovative. Not the "same old story"."
"For a busy person this is a perfect avenue for higher learning and sharing of best practices."
Zelda Gardner
"Overall, a very good experience and certainly more relaxed and physically less taxing."
Tim Brendle
"The Solar Energy trade show was very informative and provided more information than one could comprehend at one time. The beauty of being able to save the exhibitor's information and product material in an online format provides a valuable tool for recall at a later date. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity."
Brian Champlin
"I think this is the marketing trend of the near future."
"Very enjoyable and informative. Looking forward to additional events."
Peter Daggett
"This is "virtually" my first time attending a virtual trade show! What a unique way to provide information...thank you!"
Ron Skidmore
"Very well put together."
Alexander Husarenko
"This is the first time I have attended a Globalspec online trade show. I like the concept and I will participate again. I would like to see more exhibitors though."
Peter Daggett
"Though this show had a smaller number of vendors, they were key players in their segments. I always enjoy networking and learning about new products through GlobalSpec Events because often we don’t have the time or money to attend."
"A brilliantly simple concept. Why has it taken so long for someone to do what you guys have done?"
Kerry Duffy
"This is the second online presentation that I have been involved in. Both were informative and still let me look after any plant issues that arise. Good work."
Lloyd Moore
"A well organized online event. I will make it a point to spend more time next time as this was better than expected. Nice job."
Bruce Henne
"I can’t believe that I attended such an interesting presentation at my own desk, on my own time like this. Thank you for making it happen. Better, cheaper and more convenient. The future is in the making."
Hung Nguyen
"Overall, Outstanding. The content was comparable to live counterparts. And the flexibility--the ability to navigate almost instantaneously--made this a vastly superior medium. With experience we will all learn to use this technology better. But, I think you have a real winner. Thanks"
Steve Danehy
"This was my first online event and I found the experience quite informative and enjoyable. I would attend others in the future. Thanks."
Jason Johns
"I really appreciate the event & I love the content. Thank You."
Clement Aayire Yadems
"Very, very well done!!"
Dave Knight
"Very well done, informative and time saving. Thank you."
Steven Sgroi
"Great information, speaker was very knowledgeable."
Deanna Brooks
"A very worthwhile start to a new technology. A major advantage is the opening of a single event to the whole world! Not possible with a Fly & See Event. Very Impressed!"
John Donaldson
"I have attended several GlobalSpec events, mostly in the 'on-demand' capacity (work nights on East Coast). I find them informative and they have led to improvements in our processes. Thank You."
Robert Beaman
"I love these virtual trade shows. They give me a chance to learn more about available products without having to waste time & money leaving the office."
Mike Maxwell
"This was an excellent experience, I would have liked to had more booths to visit so that would be my only negative comment. Really liked it and was able to make a couple good connections at this show."
Bill Calkins
"First time I've participated in this type of online event - I found it very useful to attend off/on all day from my desk."
Avril Sullivan
"This is a very clear and efficient way for information exchange of technology and products. I strongly suggest to have this type of show in the future. Thank you so much for your work."
Wanjun Lei
"Nice on-line event. Hope to attend more of these on-line events."
Ary Chavenia
"I enjoy the valuable information I came away with. Thank You."
Jon Anderson
"It's a very good opportunity to find out about new products and techniques while sitting in our offices."
Shahzad Mahmood
"The time was very flexible to my schedule and information superior. The chat was interchanging of knowledge and awesome."
Paul O'Neal
"Good show, and I will continue to attend them."
Brendan Crooks
"I like to attend these secessions and multi-task during the secession. This minimizes time off from projects and provides access to the conference content. I will continue to invest my time and attend these informative secessions and events."
James Youngman
"First time attending a virtual event and found it much better than my expectations! Was able to obtain information that I had been looking for for some time. I will certainly attend another one."
Les Stehmeier
"Being able to find out about emerging technologies and new applications of products without the need to travel was of great advantage in this tough economic time."
Jim Pitts
"First timer, I enjoyed it; will come back."
Phil Buckley
"It was a great show from every aspect."
N. Bangash
"The format and execution of these GlobalSpec e-Events is amazingly easy to navigate and interact with."
Richard Sanders
"GlobalSpec provides a great opportunity to all by organizing such informative and useful online events. I can access all the data from the other corner of the globe. In my opinion this is a revolutionary step for GlobalSpec and I congratulate the entire GlobalSpec Team."
N. Bangash
"This was my first time to an event like this. I found it to be very interesting and having the ability to multi-task while viewing was great. It was interesting the capabilities provided to visit booths, attend seminars, and have the ability to actively chat with nearly anyone at any time."
Allen Rowbotham
"I came away with information that I never expected to find here. This was useful time spent with exhibitors."
Robert Doxey
"Virtual trade shows are a great idea, and the wave of the future for niche markets. Great work on this one!"
Dave Sterling
"It was my first virtual event. I would attend more. I thought it was easy to navigate and intuitive."
Jack Parnell
"This is a great effort of GLOBALSPEC to organize such a great online event."
N. Bangash
"I think this is best and easiest way to attend such informative events."
S. Hahid
"This is the first event that I've attended and found it to be a great concept. While not being exactly what I was looking for I found it to be very informative and guarantee that I will be attending more of these events in the future. Thanks!"
John Gene
"Wonderful way to interact."
Robin Hecita
"Great Show! Very well put together! A+++++"
Keith O'Neil
"Positive enjoyable experience!"
Cindy Hoffmann
"This is an excellent concept in getting good information to the participants of the event."
Edward West
"Thank you for this online format. It really helps to be able to attend where I would not have normally been able to."
Thaddeus Stephenson
"I hope more trade shows move to this format as it evolves. This is great for cutting back travel time and expenses. It lets one sort through the information that is valuable to them for a specific industry and related products."
Todd Wernicke
"These virtual conference sessions are very helpful and informative."
Anicasia Diaz
"I found the companies and reps were very helpful when problem solving. I will attend again."
Paul Litwiller
"Valuable experience to explore suppliers that I do not routinely interact with."
James Youngman
"The presentations are wonderful and full of content. I was able to infer my necessities, from various companies."
G. Pablo
"Yesterday I had limited time to attend the online event. It was great to come back later and follow up where I left off earlier in the day. Making the event accessible on-demand gives attendees more of a chance to take a good look."
Wes Spence
"This event was very different and a first for me. It was a very positive experience. Thanks much!"
Russ B.
"This is an excellent way to attend a tradeshow. It is easy to attend. You go when you can without spending time and resources on transportation."
Emilio Rivera Rodriguez
"I find that since I've been attending the online events I've made some contact's which I probably would have not made, and also have found other sources for our projects."
Keith G.
"It's an interesting and very educating conference because we need to keep updating our knowledge, I love it and I will still love to attend subsequent ones. Thanks!"
Moody Ganiyu
"Quite a good experience in the Virtual Tradeshow World! Very good contents well complemented by the companies experienced representatives!"
"GlobalSpec's online trade shows connect me to vendors and products that I would not normally have access to. It has become my secret weapon in the fight to find innovative solutions to difficult problems."
Kevin Werner
"It was a neat event, the first I participated in of its kind. Nothing was spot-on relevant to me, but there was plenty of information that was interesting and somewhat applicable. I would certainly take part in another event of the like."
C. Anderson
"Fantastic experience. I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future. Thank you very much."
David Lapenna
"Please let me know when future events are going to take place. This is a very useful method to get information on products."
J. Hill
"The news anchor's introduction prior to each event & session topic is very valuable to understanding what to expect, the relevancy & to perk interest. The person you have is very good at this."
Lawrence Scheeler
"Excellent service, thank you. The time and funding saved by attending online will be used later this year for other travel. More trade shows and conferences from our various industrial communities should be done online."
Tony Lavery
"I really enjoyed the speakers and their technical presentations."
Christian von Delius
"I was monitoring this e-vent as a global spec subscriber with an interest in exhibiting and/or presenting content in a future e-show."
Tim Kinsky
"As a first timer I was very impressed with how smooth the event functions and the availability for information and contacts. Thank you."
Robert Doxey
"I liked the format of the show and appreciated the fact that I could view the information without leaving work."
Kasey Smith
"This event is a great idea and was successful."
Jiawei Toh
"This event was well laid out and balanced to include an overall picture of the direction in the industry and showcased what's available. Some very interesting presentations added to the value of attending. Will be watching closely for news of future events."
Keith Grewar
"Excellent event and I liked the format."
Mike Abbott
"Very good event. Hope to see more."
Wayne Hampton
"Visually, like being at a trade show... able to focus on individual needs, get info in real-time, no travel, and I didn't have to carry lots of documentation. No wasted time...simply click and get what you need."
H. Goodman
"The structure, speed and content was great! I hope you can add more Vendors at future events. Looking forward to the next one."
B. Prinner
"I enjoyed the virtual show and conference. Chat was a great idea. Conference presentations (on-demand) after show is helpful, as I get pulled away in the middle of presentations while at work."
J. Levander
"GlobalSpec has done a wonderful thing by bringing the trade show to my desktop, virtually eliminating the time, cost and inconvenience of having to travel far from my company. All in all, a good experience."
Rob Lego
"The chat feature enabled me to network with many colleagues from all parts of North America. Very impressive!"
Trey Sinclair
"The Networking Lounge was a great way to engage other attendees. I had a quick meeting with a colleague via chat. A very productive use of my time. Thank you!"
Ellen O'Rourke
"The videos running in the exhibitor booth were very informational. The highlighted products and new technologies were extremely helpful to my business."
Martin Kelley
"The online events are a great way to maximize productivity while minimizing cost. With restricted travel I was still able to participate in an amazing experience."
Alex Whitfield
"The exhibitor booth staff is very knowledgeable. I was able to chat with them and get the reference materials on their products easily."
Rich Monroe
"I'm looking forward to future events. Your events are engaging, state of the art, and like nothing I've seen before. Thanks!"
Laurie Cuevas