Grease Seals Offered With NB Slide Guides

Product Announcement from NB Corporation of America

Now, optional BR grease seals are available on all of NB's SGL high load capacity slide guides as well as come SGLS stainless steel slide guides. These reverse seals make for near maintenance-free linear motion.

The BR grease seals are engineered to create a 'Grease Pocket' between two seals (For all the details, see the new Reverse Seal PDF brochure under 'Products' at When combined with the stainless steel slide guides in NB's SGLS versions, they are perfect for food processing applications (offered with Food grade NSFD H1 certified grease).

Standard SGL slide guides are available for sizes 15~45. See the NB catalogue for full dimensions. 3-D CAD downloadable at

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