Micro Sensor Co., Ltd.

·14-segment LED display;
·Max. 4 relays control independently, time-delay function;
·Temperature Range: -30℃~150℃ / -22℉~302℉;
·MODBUS communication

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Control panels are used to maintain the stability and the heat transfer efficiency of the heating system to prevent issues such as overheating and chemical disintegrations of a fluid. In order to provide the precise safety mechanism of the heating system, control panels can also be entirely customized to meet most of the requirements of the target application. Read more...

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Delta Products Corporation

The modulized DTC series saves wiring and the parallel modules are able to monitor many temperature points. The flexible output methods enable the user to plan the output modes according to the actual needs. The built-in password protection prevents improper operation or damages caused by the operation staff. Read more...

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Electrical equipment requires periodic maintenance to continue to operate as designed, and it is well understood that this maintenance saves money in the long run. Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices ensure personnel safety while reducing the cost of performing critical inspection work on electrical assets. Read more...

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Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Micron Instruments is best known for its world-class semiconductor strain gages and pressure transducers. Micron also sells an extremely small and highly accurate semiconductor temperature sensing element, made from the same materials but doped differently than the strain gage. As such, the semiconductor temperature sensing element offers many of the compelling benef... Read more...

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Thermotron Industries

Those who are familiar with Thermotron benchtop chambers will be pleased to learn that the current 3200 controller is being replaced with the new 8200+ Controller. Read more...

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces HVAC Bypass Controller

PowerGate H Series Offers Reliable Motor Control in a Small Footprint

Combining motor control, energy efficiency and reliability in a compact design, the new PowerGate H Series “slimline” bypass controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.provides a single, scalable, off


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Delta T Alert™ is a wireless, self-contained temperature monitoring system with sensors that attach to your electrical enclosures. The environmentally sealed version of the Delta T Alert™ sensors can be installed outside. Read more...

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ITT PRO Services

ITT pumping system experts can review and analyze dynamic data to identify repeat failures and trends to trigger root cause failure analysis to resolve repeat failures and other high cost issues. Read more...

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