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    This consists of three cascaded 7250 programmable counter /timer integrated circuits , the period ofeach stage being adjustable from 0 - 99 min by means ofthumbwheel switches.
  • The Theory of the Top Volume III
    We first imagine the obviously irregular loop from 95,0 to 95,6 extended downward, so that it gives, together with the adjacent curve segments, a counter clockwise circuit about the coordinate origin … of circuits from 90, 0 to 99 ,4.
  • A Programmable Firing Controller
    Programmable firing controller circuit design. .... Cyclic Counter Up-Count Pattern Sequence 0 - 99 System Clock Pulses .
  • Efficient burst-mode operation of a very high repetition-rate Nd:YAG laser
    Charge-discharge circuit : Ci= 27 pF, 1 kV paper; . .... Figure2 Timing system: A, B, analogue delay generators (inserted only for p.r.fs 3 700 pps); C, 4017 counterldivider; D, pulse- counter (settable 0 - 99 pulses); E, Q-switch delay generator; F, avalanche-transistor Q-switch driver; G, flashlamp trigger generator…
  • A digital correlator with blinker facility
    In the clipping mode (gate 12 open) the circuit is a clipping gate with clip levels in the range 0 - 99 . .... k is loaded from BCD thumbwheel switches into a two-decade synchronous down counter (2 x 74912).
  • Principles of Distributed Systems
    In [18], we evaluated fusion on simple examples such as counters and dividers. .... 24] benchmarks for DFSMs, that are widely used in the fields of logic synthesis and circuit design. .... Our results show that the average state space savings in fusion (over replication) is 38% (range 0 - 99 %), while the average event-reduction is 4% (range 0-45%).
  • 8-classtype tallying device and counter.
    An electronic device using transistor-transistor-logic integrated circuits as primary building blocks was designed and constructed .... Using these encoders allows selection of memory counters for accumulations of 0 to 99 counts per classtype.
  • A Simple Electronic Curvy Length Measurement System: Application to Geography
    A synchronous BCD counter that counts from 0 to 99 is designed and implemented using two IC 7416. .... The output from the Schmitt Trigger is connected to the clock input of the counter circuit .
  • Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering
    System hardware circuit diagram. .... They are the negative temperature coefficient thermistor Rt1 and Rt2, and the temperature measurement range is 0 ~ 99 C. .... is generated through the RC oscillator were transmitted to input pins of P87LPC764BN’s counter T0 and T1…
  • Programmable Solar Array Simulator
    The periods of sunlight and darkness are each settable in one-minute steps from 0 to 99 , 999 minutes. .... Simulation Programmer Periods of simulated sunlight and darkness are controlled by the preset counters driven by one .... An R-C circuit connected to the input of a high impedance amplifier pro- vides the simulation…