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  • A novel marine mesocosm facility to study global warming, water quality, and ocean acidification
    Four temperature sensors (DS18B20 1 - wire digital ther- mometer; 12 bits – 0.0625°C resolution; Maxim Inte- grated, San Jose, CA, USA) were used and programmed to alter treatment conditions according to the average cir- cadian variation of the intake water. Temperature was also monitored with five independent underwater temper- ature data loggers (Onset Corp., HOBO Water Temp … … carbon dioxide (pCO2), the Reef Angel was adapted to work with three additional pH control modules using …
  • Local pO2 - and pH2-measurements with Mikrokoaxialnadelelektroden on the basal winding of the Katzencochlea according to acute upper cervical Sympathektomie
    … shielded Faraday-K/ifig electrically and is Mel3verst ~ irker of voltage source and the logger separately arranged. … / iten and through a central Erdungspuukt through interposition yon St6rstr6me through earth line loops in the … … calibrated before and after the attempts with known calibrating gas mixtures in Theorell-Pufferlfsung ( pH = 7,2). … by respectively 100 mm Hg on 10 cms was normalized the recorder width ( 1 mm ~ I …
  • The "dolphin" a meter for investigation of oberflächennahen temperature laminations in the sea
    Vertical TemperaturvergeiIung 1/ings North Sea of the profile n6rdliehen depicted in Abb. 11 in that on the … J o s e pH , The ,,Delphin"0 a Me ~ ger & t fiir oberfl/ichennahe temperature laminations The development the, " become dolphin under line of H. graze mann The logger is to reconstruct it planned further that so depths are only selectively labeled dal3 in …
  • Thermokinetische measuring methods
    … i, and i) as well as a heater (h, and h) of Manganin wire in a spiral … Blocking scheme of the rule and logger of the Differentialcalorimeters rnit of automatically controlled compensation heating after Buzzell and Sturtevant14j. a of Calorimeter c Wheatston ash Briidce, b, b, ReaktionsgefaBe, d Verstarker and rectifiers f, e of Quadrierer, integrator, h, h i … As example fur the Leistungsfahigkeit of the apparatus the deactivation extending after first order of the pepsin in a phosphate buffer of pH ?,17 by 15 ° C was investigated, whereat of the maintaining 1 h freigewordenen Gesamtwarmemenge of only 0,181 …
  • WNSamples (\
    … braky_J|1 glen_N|1 browne_N|1 grass-covered_J|1 mexican_hairless_N|1 fox_terrier_N|1 hairless_J|1 tuft_N|3 pate_N|1 bald-headed_J|1 smooth-faced_J|1 glabrous_J|1 tinea_corporis_N|1 fungal_infection_N|1 nonhairy_J|1 caterpillar_N|2 comal_J|1 curly-coated_J|1 water_spaniel_N|1 downy_J|2 milkweed_N|1 furry_J|1 teddy_bear_N|1 glossy-coated_J|1 foxhound_N|1 hispid_J|1 woolly_aphid_N|1 lanate_J|1 short-haired_J|1 tomentose_J| 1 wire -haired_terrier_N|1 wiry_J|1 nonbearing_J|1 bonny_J|2 … … unrivaled_J|1 microbiology_N|1 counterpoint_N|1 unequaled_J|1 compassionate_J|1 tenderhearted_J|1 human_race_N|1 uncompassionate_J|1 sire_N|1 unfeeling_J|2 wretch_N|3 compatible_J|2 family_relationship_N|1 logger _N|2 conservationist_N|1 typist_N|2 … … toneless_J|1 bush_V|1 careworn_J|1 mending_N|1 sleeplessness_N|1 raddle_V|2 dog-tired_J|1 fag_V|1 washed-out_J|1 worn_out_J|1 william_styron_N|1 ph _N|1 outrageously_R|2 bigoted_J|1 …
  • Detection of decomposition volatile organic compounds in soil following removal of remains from a surface deposition site
    During the decomposition period, each set of remains was covered by a large stainless steel anti-scavenging cage with 1 cm wire mesh to prevent the premature loss of biomass prior to the removal of remains. … hourly during the study using a HOBOÒ U30 No Remote Communication (NRC) data logger and sensors (OneTemp … Soil pH was measured using a direct soil pH measurement kit (Hanna Instruments, Australia).
  • Testers or Instruments Electronic Circuits, beginning with P's
    … strict limits on the amount of leakage current an on-hook device can draw from a ph . PIC16F877 APRS Weather Station -  Weather Station is PIC16F877A based and has a 4x20 LCD, a data logger output and accepts 1Wire wind instrument.
  • SemCor (\
    … ultracentrifugation_N|4 column_chromatography_N|1 ion_exchange_N|1 cellulose_N|5 stepwise_J|2 elution_N|4 fractionate_V|3 serum_N|34 abo_antibodies_N|1 rh_antibody_N|4 diethylaminoethyl_cellulose_N|2 deae_cellulose_N|12 carboxymethyl_cellulose_N|1 ph _N|7 agglutinin_N|8 preisolate_V|1 … … tear_down_V|5 earnest_N|1 besieger_N|2 methodically_R|5 roof_N|32 rag_N|7 stamp_out_V|2 square_R|1 muzzle_N|4 burn_down_V|5 set_on_fire_V|2 consume_V|9 whereabouts_N|3 slug_N|4 jerk_V|13 lifeless_J|1 draped_J|3 belt_N|9 cartridge_N|2 fifty_N|1 hillside_N|2 hastily_R|6 swear_out_V|1 signed_J|3 gunshot_N|1 horseman_N|2 sight_V|4 hills_N|12 justice_of_the_peace_N|1 take_part_V|11 take_out_V|21 belongings_N|2 single_out_V|3 prosecution_N|4 at_large_J|3 entrench_V| 1 wire _V|6 hand_grenade_N|2 wisely_R|2 foolish_J|6 … … binoculars_N|1 half_dozen_J|2 migration_N|2 department_of_commerce_N|2 workweek_N|1 paid_vacation_N|1 vacation_V|2 lodging_N|2 vacationing_N|1 pare_down_V|1 resort_N|1 tow_N|1 spice_V|1 logger _N|1 air_mattress_N|1 sleeping_bag_N|1 …
  • Over intensity measurement of X-rays by counting of the light quanta
    Annals der PH , ysik. Simultaneously, the logger fiir was switched on the number tube. After drawing of a new wire into the Z%h1rohtr, measurements were repeated. such unabhangige MeBreihen taken up from each other. The factor 100 an accuracy is demanded namlich by an Schwachung urn of 1 .
  • Book display
    A separate section is devoted the receiving Vorg ~ nge of piezoelectric erfaflter the to Meflverst ~ rkern and to the loggers fiir. This book umfal3t the fiinf main sections divided into numerous bottom sections: 1 . The mechanism of the power line , 3. The ph~nomenologische part gives a general, clear insight under Voranstellung of the physical event in these areas.