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    …and the Stability of Negative Resistance Devices: Sep 1660 Transformer, 100 :1 Bandwidth Balun: Feb … Problems: Aug 1489 Transmitter Power Requirements for HF Iono- spheric Circuits, Influence … Dec 2033 Traveling-Wave Amplifier for the 5 6 Milli- meter Band, Half- Watt CWV .
  • Handbook of Recording Engineering
    Input Dividing networ1< HF 100 - watt amplifier . .... j/\ 100 W J^ Iaverage '—vj power .
  • The Dissertation Committee for Yang Li Certifies that this is the approved version of the following dissertation: Investigation of Wave Propagation and Antenna...
    A power amplifier (Minicircuits ZHL-5W-1, 1-500 MHz, 40 dB gain and 5 Watt output power ) is cascaded between the VNA and the transmitting antenna to amplify the transmit power. .... Three different antenna sets (Workman WHF series HF mobile antennas) are employed to cover the 20- 100 MHz frequency band and S21 is recorded across the frequency band as the distance between the receiving and transmitting antennas is varied from 30 m…
  • History and modern applications of nano-composite materials carrying GA/cm2 current density due to a Bose-Einstein Condensate at room temperature produced by F...
    …harvesting, for bright field emission electron sources used for vacuum electronic devices like amplifiers for HF electronics, micro-tubes, 30 … to 6 THz switching amplifiers with signal to noise ratio >10(!), THz power sources up to 1 Watt , in combination with miniaturized … distribution with switches controlling field-emitter arrays for KA of currents but with < 100 V switching voltage…
    This paper details the design, development, assembly and performance of a low cost, high- efficiency, 400 Watt , 13.56MHz RF power amplifier (PA) operated from a 100 VDC supply and with an efficiency of 75%. .... The transistors are from a new generation of high quality, commercial, HF /VHF, silicon, 300V RF power…
  • Analytical bulletin of the Committee of Coordination of Imperial Telecommunications
    Caract6ristiques of a power amplifier for ] the range 30-500 Me/s has, e ~ dtude factors intervening in its 6 tablissement. .... One shows that the t6trodes have the power to neutralize automatically the r6action HF must h the .... Description of news t6trodes one of which provides 100 watts h 500 megacycles per second.
  • Trends in Military Communication Systems (.pdf)
    Old HF and low band VHF equipment for voice have been augmented or replaced by multi-band .... However, legacy communication products are not dead yet and AR Modular RF has supported a number of programs to provide modern power amplifier designs to support older legacy government communication systems. .... Amplifier systems such as our 100 Watt KMW2025 .
  • Spectrum Devices Announces 30 MHz/28 Volt, 125 Watt RF Power Transistor
    Spectrum Devices Announces 30 MHz/28 Volt, 125 Watt RF Power Transistor. .... Spectrum Devices Corporation announced the release of their HF28-125 RF Power Transistor designed for the 28V, 2 to 30 MHz RF Amplifier and HF SSB Communications market. .... enhanced DC Breakdown characteristics with a marked 55% improvement in BVCBO/CES from 65 Volts to 100 volts.
  • Barrett Communications Pty Ltd
    The transmitter comes as a complete package with exciter, power supply, RF power amplifier , interconnect cables and all rack mount hardware. .... HF SSB transmitter specifications Frequency range: 2-30 MHz broadband Power output: Adjustable 300-1,000 Watt PEP SSB, 1,000 W average FSK, CW Duty cycle: 100 % Intermodulation distortion: -30 dB typical Harmonics and spurious: -50 dB Output impedance: 50…
  • IRIDA over-the-horizon surface wave (OTH-SW) radar
    …also monitor the movements of low-flying aircraft at extended ranges, tracking up to 100 targets simultaneously. .... The transmitter consists of four 4 kW average power amplifiers , an exciter, and an antenna commutation switch. .... weights length width height diameter weight material System Performance Transmission beamwidth, transmit beamwidth, receive dynamic range pulse length reply rate Frequency operating narrative 7 MHz to 15 MHz ( HF band) 7 7000000 HF … altitude Power volt kVA watt narrative 65 kW (pulse…