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    Power Amplifiers - (149 companies)
    Power amplifiers deliver a specific amount of AC power to a load. They are used in audio frequency and radio frequency applications. Types There are many different types of power amplifiers. Examples include: RF power amplifiers high power...
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    Power Operational Amplifiers - (73 companies)
    Description. Power operational amplifiers (POA) are used to increase the power of low-level signals in applications that drive low impedances or reactive loads. They dissipate excess energy as heat, deliver extensive current, and can sustain...
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    RF Amplifiers - (552 companies)
    ...the stronger output to a RF power amplifier (PA). Other types of RF amplifiers include: Low noise. Pulse. Bi-directional. Multi-carrier. Buffer. Limiting amplifiers. Detector log video amplifiers (DLVAs) are used to amplify or measure signals with a wide...
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    PWM Amplifier Chips - (41 companies)
    Pulse width modulated (PWM) amplifier chips generate a current that switches between high and low output levels. PWM amplifiers have a much higher power capability for a given volume than linear amplifiers. They are also less expensive. Pulse width...
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  • Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers-Image
    Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers - (384 companies)
    ...pre-amplification, the signal is sent to a power amplifier or amp, which provides the higher current necessary to drive the speakers. How to Select Audio Amplifiers and Audio Preamplifiers. Audio amplifiers and audio preamplifiers are used to increase...
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    Operational Amplifiers - (143 companies)
    Description. Operational amplifiers (op amps, op-amps) are general-purpose, closed-loop devices that are used to implement linear functions. They compare two incoming signals and release a third signal that is an amplified measure of the difference...
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    Amplifier and Comparator Chips - (312 companies)
    Amplifier and comparator chips are board-level components for amplifying voltage, current, or power. There are several basic types of amplifier and comparator chips. Differential amplifier chips are designed to amplify a small difference between two...
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    Buffer Amplifiers - (40 companies)
    ...amplifiers. Some products have an embedded reference voltage or on-chip protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Others feature rail-to-rail output or rail-to-rail input. Single supply devices can operate with only one power supply. Buffer...
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    Instrumentation Amplifiers - (152 companies)
    Radiation-Tolerant Instrumentation Amplifiers Designed for Communication Satellites. Electronics360 --A Nano-power Op Amp that Enhances Sensor Accuracy. Image credit: Badger Meter...
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    Signal Amplifiers - (280 companies)
    ...impedance is the equivalent impedance "seen" by a power source connected to a network. Signal amplifiers are used on thermocouples or piezo electric sensors. In general they will be used on sensors and electrodes or small signal AC and DC outputs...
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  • 10.2--Broadband, low drive-power electrooptic modulator
    …compact optical intensity modulator has beende- signed and tested which achieved a drive- power require- ment per .... The modula- tor provided 100 -percent optical intensity modulation over a 100-MHz video bandwidth when driven by a transistorized amplifier delivering 6 watts CW to a resistive equalizer load.
  • Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, Fifth Edition > Broadcast and Cable Systems
    The power output ranges from several watts to more than 100 W. .... Most such systems are equipped with two amplifier systems for FM stereo operation. .... The primary current used in transistorized receivers usually does not exceed 1 A.
  • Scanning the Issue
    A Transistorized 150-MC Receiver (Giguere, p. 693)- Thanks to the development of the diffused base transistor two years ago, important advances are now being made in the ap- plication of transistors at frequencies well above 100 mega- cycles. .... Its princi- pal asset is the low amount of power it draws, only 130 milli- watts as compared to the several watts required by vacuum tube receivers. .... A Traveling-Wave Ferromagnetic Amplifier (Tien and Suhl, p. 700)-One of the major developments of 1957…
  • Amateur radio in 1966
    Home construction today is concerned with transistorized receivers, low power transistorized transmitters (up to 10 watts ) for portable or mobile use, wavemeters, and accessories such as standing-wave-ratio meters and grid-dip oscillators for matching and resonating aerials. .... limited to 160 m use, and the price of the complete station (£ 100 ) is high enough .... Tunnel diodes, for use in UHF amplifiers , have now joined the conventional items in UHF plumbing such…
  • Abstracts of Current Computer Literature
    A highly reliable transistorized two-cores- per-bit file memory designed to operate in data processing control … serv- ing to shape powerful current pulses during data recording; an output signal amplifier ; input and output .... The memory device is powered from a 24-volt source. .... The power requirement of the entire device is about 100 watts .
  • Recent Developments in Oil Burners for Space Heating and Industrial Applications
    piezoelectric ceramic transducer, are increased in amplitude by an aluminum stepped-horn amplifier . .... Designed to operate with a transistorized power supply using only 4 watts from a battery, this atomizer and a special burner were developed to fire a portable multifueled, 100 -watt thermoelectric generator.
  • Transistor circuits and applications
    In a data transmission appli- cation the use of this type of circuit in place of thermionic- valve circuits effected a 3000 : 1 reduction in power consump- tion (150mW against 500 watts ) and at least a 100 : 1 reduction in volume. .... A rather different arrangement for counting using a series of flux-storage levels in a magnetic core is the basis of a transis- torized time-delay device described by Pittman.89. .... An amplifier configuration with output voltage ?'o and capacitive feedback between output and input is considered.
  • NEWS New Products
    Power consumption is approximately 500 watts for a complete 14-channel systenm; 450 watts for a 7-channel systemn. .... Transistorized Pulse Generator Pulse generator Model 521 is the latest addition to the line of digital equipment … amplitude is either positive or nega- tive, 15 volts maximum, 5 volts into a 100 - ohm load. .... For other pulse genierators with dual polarities, a separate amplifier is needed for each polarity, with the…
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    As developed by Amperex, Harp Cathode tubes permit warm-up in as little as 100 milliseconds. .... operating voltage, and extreme ruggedness-make Harp Cathode tubes the logical choice for transistorized mobile and airborne .... The Amperex Harp Cathode Type 8042 Power Amplifier (25 watts plate dissipation; 175mc ICAS) is available in pre-production quan- .
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    W., wih E. Baldinger, transistor power supplies, 328 Cxysalk, S. J., with D. C. Reynolds, dislocations in … reversible electric heating, 283 Dahlke, W., R. Maurer and J. Schubert, diode- reactance amplifier , 3426 Dalla Volta … 4246 - with V. Agy, ionospheric investigations at oblique incidence, 158 - with J. M. Watts , frequency analysis of … resistivity, 1339 de Broekert, J. C., and R. M. Scarlett, transistor amplifier has 100 -Mc/s bandwidth, 2662 … obstacle, 3797; reciprocity theorem for scattered e.m. field, 4189 Deichen, J. H., transistorized I.t. regulator…