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    A barrel pump mounted on a horse-drawn cart with one or two 50 to 100 foot leads of garden hose and a 10 - foot bamboo rod with a spray nozzle at the end will do for a small town.
  • Proceedings of the 2009 Monitoring Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies
    … relative gain of the porous-hose filter system in various configurations: Fiskers and Garden Rite brands at lengths of 25, 50, and 75 feet ; a group of 10 “aged” F brand hoses ; a set of three “new” Garden Rite hoses; a comparison …
  • CR4 - Thread: Compressed Air Tank
    I was thinking about using the tank again...raising it to a height of 10 feet and putting a very large water … … I could water each of my garden rows quickly so I … … to babysit the garden hose ...then I started thinking …
  • CR4 - Thread: Strangest Hunting Method
    Then the next thing was to proceed to take the garden hose and let it run on the ground near the foundation of his … … extension cord, then told me to "watch this"..I move off about 10 feet away 'cause I had …
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    The minimum depth of a rain garden should be between 6 and 12 inches, while the rain garden itself should be located at least 10 feet away from the structure it is collecting from (City of Portland, 2009). … or unused captured rainwater can be directed to the rain garden via piping or a garden hose .
  • Muon excess at sea level from solar flares in association with the Fermi GBM spacecraft detector
    Following Fig. 10 , we can observe a pitch angle around 18 degrees for the first event and … Flares located near the foot - point of the ‘ garden hose ’field line between the Sun and Earth reach the Earth with a pitch angle close to 450 , as is shown in Fig. 5 (that is, a good magnetic connection between the …
  • CR4 - Thread: Above Ground Pool Solar Coil Design
    Once you get in past the 1st foot the water drops about 10 degrees ferenheit (eg: the thermometer that floats on the pool surface reads 82 but the water below it is 72. My original plan was to create a solar coil using black 5/8" poly tubing, black garden hose , sheet of 4X4 plywood (painted black), and a sump pump.
    We used 2" black iron pipe cut into 10 foot lengths threaded on each end and a home made auger head with a small nozzle fashioned on the end. We hooked a garden hose to the top of each 10 piece when drilling and the water sprayed out the nozzle in the well to assist in drilling and to float the debris out of the top of the well.