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  • ZASMHBA0002205
    … tools usually include suitable measuring devices, a flashlight, small quantities of solvent, small quantities of dry developers or aerosol cans of nonaqueous wet developers, pocket magnifiers ranging from 3 to 10x , and a suitable black light for fluorescent penetrants or sufficient white …
  • Tactical Photointerpreter Evaluations Of Hardcopy And Softcopy Imagery
    The duplicate positive material was viewed on a standard light table equipped with intensity -controlled fluorescent bulbs. For viewing, the interpreters could use a standard Bausch and Lomb microscope model zoom 70 or a variety of tube magnifiers (2X through 10X ).
  • [A new counting method for airborne Japanese red cedar and grass pollen allergens by the immunoblotting technique].
    We devised a new counting method of pollen allergen particles which improved the fluorescence immunoblotting technique by … And by which airborne pollen allergens became visible under 10X magnifier or naked eyes.
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    Fluoresce in concentric acid. Used as dyes. flawless; a term used to describe a diamond or other gemstone, which is free from all internal and external blemishes or flaws of every description as observed with a 10x magnifier .
    The fluorescent screen is 15cm x 10cm. For the closer inspection of the image projected on the screen, a telescopic magnifier with a large … A large magnification ( 10x ) is attained with the interchangeable eyepiece, and in this case, the diameter of …
  • Corrosion behavior of copper-base materials in a gamma-irradiated environment; Final report
    visual examination with the aid of a 10X magnifier . by fluorescent .
    … fakes and original prints, art historian specialized in art prints have been using only magnifiers (magnifying lenses). To this aim, several devices were tested: IR reflectography, Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers (XRF) and optical … With the microscope, small areas showing lines were investigated with a 10X enlargement.
  • Filaments in Bioprocesses
    Stahl et al. [9] used a magnification of 600X (40X objective, 10X ocular, and 1.5X magnifier ) and evaluated 25 randomly selected fields per object slide. One possibility is the use of fluo- rescent dyes.
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    Fluoresce in concentric acid. … all internal and exter- nal blemishes or flaws of every description as observed with a 10× magnifier . This description can be observed with an 8 or 10X magnification by looking through polarized light. fleas …
  • QTL associated with horizontal resistance to soybean cyst nematode in Glycine soja PI464925B
    The contents of the 600 lm sieve were collected in transparent 250 ml pill bottles and counted using either a RLM Series Magnifier (Sunnex Inc., Natick, MA) 3X magnifying glass with attached fluorescent lamp or aliquots taken from the bottle for examination … … reactions consisted of approximately 60 ng of template DNA, 1.5 ll of 10X PCR buffer (Invitrogen …