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  • CR4 - Thread: Useful and Not Well Known Enginering Tools
    … usually a B&L with a zoom range of 0.7 to 3 and 10x eyepieces) readily available … It's amazing what the engineer can discover in that world once the binocular microscope with good lighting can turn the 2d of a hand held magnifier or coddington lens into 3d.
  • Loupes - Measuring and Layout Tools - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Electronic Digital Magnifier , 3X-18X Power, Focal Distance 1.5 In In/mm, Features 4.3 In Flat Panel Display w/Variable Magnification, LED Illumination, Freeze Frame, Rubberized Casing, PDA Size, Mounts Hand Held , Includes Rechargable Battery, Case and Wrist Strap … from Grainger includes watchmaker and jeweler eyeglass loupe selections in magnifications ranging from 4X to 10X power. Auto-ReorderCatalogSpecial OrdersEmergency ServicesInventory ManagementInvoices Your WayGrainger Lighting SolutionsGrainger Online SafetyManager®Online Purchasing SolutionsRepair & Replacement Coverage .
    … fakes and original prints, art historian specialized in art prints have been using only magnifiers (magnifying lenses). With the microscope, small areas showing lines were investigated with a 10X enlargement. … the ink, which is greater on originals than on fakes, the kind of light reflection: on originals … An original work of art is one that has come from the artist’s own hand . Ink is held in little furrows that will result inked on paper while the rised portion remain …
  • Federal Register > Monday, October 17, 2005 > [70 FR 60246] Airworthiness Directives; Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Model 206A, B, L, L-1, L-3, and L-4 Helico...
    Hand Delivery: Room PL-401 on the plaza level of the Nassif Building, 400 Seventh Street, SW … … comments received by the closing date and may amend the proposed AD in light of those comments. … and at intervals not to exceed 12 hours time-in-service (TIS), a 10X inspection or at … … only difference between the pilot check and the mechanic inspection is the 10X magnifier , pilots need to … Current FAA policy allows pilots holding at least a private pilot certificate to perform checks that do …
  • Handbook to the Construction and Use of Insect Collection and Rearing Devices
    Magnifiers or hand lenses are essential tools of the trade for entomologist. Types of magnifiers (clockwise from lower right); single plastic lens, doublet magnifier, 10X triplet magnifier and 15X … I always used fluorescent paint because a black light could then be used to facilitate locating marked … … decide to mark individuals, a vacuum device (Figure 68) can be used to hold larger insects in …
  • Visual alignment of mechanical structures using a Bessel beam datum: practical implementation
    A combination of 10x objective and 20x eyepiece provides good magnification and large depth of field, the … Cross-wires are passed through locating holes in the ring and held under tension, using small weights … A CCD camera should be fitted with imaging lens in combination with a magnifier lens to enlarge … … occurs the alignment task is aided by concentrating on the four points of light that originate in … … size, the first dark ring is obscured by the crosswires, as shown in the left- hand image.
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    … a small ornamental case worn usually suspended as a necklace or chain that hold inside a picture … Londonderry Topaz: a light -blue Australian topaz of § 3700kg in rough. Most used hand loupe in gemology are corrected loupes or so-called aplanatic loupes. Also called hand lens, hand loupe or pocket lens, magnifier , simple microscope, and magnifier glass. … members of American Gem Society and implies perfect or flawless gem diamonds under 10x magnification by using …
  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
    … right) for visual inspections uses an increasing number of n grille patterns (usually 10x repeated for each … … is impressive to notice low gray levels vanishing when the display is exposed to (bright) ambient light . It is essential to note that Motion Blur is observed in all Hold -type displays (Active Matrix … > Figure 17 visualizes on the left hand side the polarity of the dots relative to Vcom (see … … us/um/redmond/ groups/ivm/HDView/HDGigapixel.htm 7. 8. magnifier .jsp? idopera=2 …