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  • Imaging aerogels at the molecular level
    It is important to study this aerogel with a 10x magnifier so the silica chains can be observed within the connectors. In Fig. 5b it is possible to observe Fig. 5a in three dimensions using stereo glasses (2x magnification ).
  • Federal Register > Friday, August 18, 2006 > [71 FR 47702] Airworthiness Directives; GROB-WERKE GMBH & CO KG Model G102 ASTIR CS Sailplanes
    This AD specifies using a dye penetrant method and a 10X magnifying glass for doing the inspections. This difference is because 20X magnifiers are not readily available in the field.
  • Romums ice Microscopic technique
    Of this drop the types to investigate in the microscope by very weak magnification become (about 40x: Objectively with own 4-facher magnification and large, about 1 cm, working distance; eyepiece 10x ) with der Mikropipette received and transmitted to a second slide. By large types, also the stereo magnifying glass can be used. On the corners of a cover glass or at the corresponding distance on the slide, small vaseline füsschen are fixed with the mounting needle.
  • The experimenter: neurosciences
    The magnifying glass has increased a convex glass , a lens, which objects while light beams become that of an object, broken assuming by the lens so, that they are bundled in a focused point on the other side of the lens, and … … and magnifications lead according to quality of the lens to one from 5x, 10x , 20x, 40x, 63x …
  • Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
    Also called hand lens, hand loupe or pocket lens, magnifier, simple microscope, and magnifier glass . The term is used by the members of American Gem Society and implies perfect or flawless gem diamonds under 10x magnification by using a corrected loupe. loupe, corrected; a lens system, which has been corrected for spherical or chromatic aberration or both …
  • Primary success with low vision aids in age‐related macular degeneration
    23% of the patients chose binocular high- poweredglassesasa readingaid,eitherovercorrec- tive spectacles or Fonda's glasses . The majority of pa- tients (52%) required a stand or hand magnifier , and there was an obviouspreferenceto low magni- fication ,as alsoreported by Leat 8c Rumney (1990). 47% preferred a magnification of 5 X or less, and 26%a high magnificationof 10X or more.
  • Review On Methods For Simplification Of Optical Performance Criteria
    Experiments in which process lenses were focused on a ground - glass screen at scales from 3 :1 to 1:1 to 1:3 with the aid of a magnifier have shown that the human eye tends to focus the range around 25 … In the case of enlarging lenses focused for 10x magnification , the frequency range important for fo- cusing is about 2 to 3 c /mm [5].
  • Sell jewellery LED Loupe contains six bright white LED lights 10x GM1021-IP
    This battery operated 10x triplet has a slide switch that can be switch to on or off … Another advantage is, GI-7081 uses an optical glass magnifier for better viewing result. Proper illumination is as important as magnification for seeing close-in detail.
  • Image Transforms With Fused Fiber Optics
    One dimensional magnifiers up to 10X have been constructed. An element was constructed that resulted in non -linear magnification from center to edge without the necessity … … fiber optic plate can be assumed to be an array of perfectly aligned glass opti- cal fibers.
  • Magnifier enlarges image
    Therefore, the magnifiers with more than 10x to 20x magnification are not used. Magnifiers can be produced from optical glass by grinding and polishing.