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  • Layout Tips for 12-Bit A/D Converter Application
    . There are a multitude of successful ways to layout out systems with 12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converters and each layout is highly dependent on the number of devices in the circuit, the types of the devices (digital or analog) and the environment that the final product will reside in. Given all
  • Using the MCP320X 12-Bit Serial A/D Converter with Microchip PICmicro (R) Devices
    The MCP320X devices comprise a family of 12-bit successive approximation Analog to Digital (A/D) Converters. These devices provide from one to eight analog inputs with both single ended and differential inputs. Data is transferred to and from the MCP320X through a simple SPI (R) -compatible 3-wire
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter Design Guide (.pdf)
    in a category based on the number of bits required. It is important to always design your system to allow for more bits then initially required: if an application calls for 10 bits of accuracy, choose a 12-bit converter. The achievable accuracy of a converter will always be less than the total number
  • Interfacing Microchip MCP3201 A/D Converter to 8051-Based Microcontroller
    In embedded controller applications, it is often desirable to provide a means to digitize analog signals. The MCP3201 12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter gives the designer an easy means to add this feature to a microcontroller with a minimal number of connections.
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    -to-digital converter, isolated analog-signal multiplexer, ground bond. integrity tester, microammeter for safety testing, and basic high-potential tester. In Chapter 4 we discuss international regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility. and medical devices. This includes mechanisms
  • TC7109 Records Remote Data Automatically
    A Microchip Technology analog-to-digital converter, a 2K-byte CMOS static RAM, and some gates and counters can be combined to form a low-cost, flexible, standalone data logging system. All the ICs are CMOS and the clock frequency is low, so power supply current is only a couple of milliamperes

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