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  • Advances in Medical Engineering
    The control unit consists of a motor driver circuit and a matchbox-sized microcontroller board with integrated 12 - bit analog/digital converter (µMODUL- 8051LP, Phytec, Germany).
  • Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy
    Since the deflection signal is integrated over a cycle, it provides … … Fig.22.7) composed of analog/digital hybrid circuits has been developed (T3510 … … analog-to-digital (14 bit , 150 MSPS) and digital-to-analog (14 bit, 12 MSPS) converters .
  • Sigma-Delta versus Binary Weighted AD/DA conversion, what is the most promising?
    [2] R.J.van de Plassche, A Five-Digit Analog/Digital Converter , IEEE Journal of Solid- State Circuits , Vol. SC- 12 , December 1977 p 656. [3] A.Kayanuma et al, An Integrated 16- Bit A/D Converter for PCM Audio Systems, Digest of Technical Papers, IEEE Solid State Circuits Conference 1981, p 56.
    [29] P. R. Gray, J. L. McCreary, and D. A. Hodges, "Weighted capacitor analog/digital converting apparatus and method," U.S. Patent 4129863, Dec. 12 , 1978. [30] K. Ohri and M. Callahan, " Integrated PCM codec," IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits , vol. [31] H.-S. Lee, D. Hodges, and P. Gray, "A self-calibrating 15 bit CMOS A/D converter ," IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, vol.
  • A 12-bit 1-Msample/s capacitor error-averaging pipelined A/D converter
    SONG et U/.: CAPACITOR ERROR-AVLUGING PIPELINEDA/D CONVERTER D. Kerth, N. S. Sooch, and E. J. Swanson, “A 667ns, 12 - bit two-step flash ADC,” in Proc. IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conf., May 18, 1988, pp, 18.5.1-18.5.4. H. Schmid, Electronic Analog/Digital Conversion Techniques.
  • Protegemed2: an extended platform based on RFID to identify EME and improve the detection of microshocks
    In addition to the lc we also use eight analog/digital converters ( 12 bits ), DMA access channels and Ethernet MAC to provide the communication interface. The RFID reader was implemented using the integrated circuit HTRC110 [15].
  • Information Technology Applications in Industry
    The product has high speed, low cost, strong anti interference, 4 PWM/PCA(Programmable Counter Array)/CCU(Capture/Compare Unit), high speed 8 ways-10 bits A/D( Analog /Digital ) converter . … SCM and completely compatible 8051 instruction code but it is more faster 8- 12 times than 8051 … Its main IC ( integrated circuit ) is HD44780, which is good completely compatible.
  • Asia-Pacific Abstracts
    2-V Feedforward Amplifier and A/D Converter for Mixed Analog/Digital LSIs, by T. Matsuura*, E. Imaizumi**, and T. Anbo** (*Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Div., Hitachi Ltd., Kokubunji-shi, 185 Japan; **Hitachi ULSI Engineering Corp., Kodaira-shi, 187 Japan): pp. 1666–1678. 7, NO. 12 , DECEMBER 1997 11.5) A 28 mW 16- bit Digital Signal Processor for the PDC Half-Rate CODEC, by …
  • Addressing substrate coupling in mixed-mode ICs: simulation and power distribution synthesis
    [I] J. A. Olmstead and S. Vulih, “Noise problems in mixed analoddigital integrated circuits ,” in Proc. [2] B. M. J. Kup, E. C. Dijkmans, P. J. A. Naus, and J. Sneep, “A bit stream digital-to-analog converter with 18-b resolution,” IEEE J. Solid State Ci
  • Measurement of CO2 response with the breath-by-breath automatic acquisition of the breathing pattern and occlusion pressure
    type 16V12B4G (IEF), comprising an analog/digital converter (ADC) (Burr Brown SDM857KG), that of- fers 16 channels for making multiplex measurements, the ability to program gain, and a resolution of 12 bits . A programmable cardclock, type TBGU (IEF), with an integrated circuit (MC6840).