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  • Chromoplastenstudien
    As Liehtquelle stood weehselweise the Leitz low volt lamp Monla and the Philips-QuecksilberhSehstdrueklampe CS 150, last .... Were used for generation yon blue light (405 #): the Erregerliehtfilter maritime hott BG 12 (2--6 RAM ) and as eyepiece locking filter maritime hott OG 1 (2 mms); for generation yon UV-Borrowed (366m#): the Erreger-]iehtfilter maritime hott UG 1 .... They served the drawings that the receivings naeh were produced the projection method this yon as image…
  • Secondary normals in regions of the ferrous arc spectrum λ 3600 to 3000
    Fiir became the recovery of ferrous receivings in leaning on the internatlonalen Besehliisse of the Piundbogen with the electrode combination K0hle-iron gewKhlt. .... The Interferenzf ~ higkeit of ferrous lines increases n ~ mlieh in Ultraviolett, wle sehon pound and Wallerath(12) [eststellen could coal tabes in use of one as negative electrode representing; the Cyan bands approached by regard of international conditions not ha .... The arc became 150 volts with maximally 4,5 Amp at a voltage yon. fired. .... lines without gap in use the with an arc-1Knge yon about 20 RAM burning Ptundbogens-dutch…
  • Shopping In Mechanics Tools - Big Bruin
    Pivots 360 in base for easy loading Lockpin set screws Hydraulic ram provides lifting power Lifts 1000 lbs. fully retracted 500 lbs. fully extended Model Number: 500394. .... • Warn ProVantage 2500 Series 12 Volt ATV Winch - With Synthetic Rope, 2,500-Lb.
  • Over the Hochfrequenz-(Kurzwellen-)anregung of some spectra in remote Ultraviolett
    The receivings by funf were made versehiedenen printing zwisehen 0,01 and 1 mm, whereat see one with increasing … gave hydrogen quite pure in contrast with a yon 1-Iori by excitation yon in the low volt arc ge: entered maehten .... In the I-Ioehfrequenzentladung, beobaehtet was implied Witmer of found Lyman bands 0-bands f ~ berhaupt nieht and the band 8 only sehwaeh yon to the 12 , to yon. .... Became during the operation of the Hoehfrequenzentladung by hSheren Drueken (yon fiber 1 RAM ) the hydrogen continuum…
  • Over the band spectrum of the copper hydride
    Became the arc with direct current yon 400 volts and about 3 Amp. operations and the hydrogen .... The most receivings are made in the grol ~ en concave grid of the local institute in first order (1,95 A/ram ). .... ttulth6n and Zumstein ~)haben by its Untersuehungen fibers the gold hydride in the band spectrum of which found two 127-activated Therme, and have, with] ~ ficksieht on the homologous structure a zweifer of activated 12:-Term had to exist the…
  • Vibrations generated by Johnsen-Rahbekschen effect on mercury drop
    …of incidence da~ of the vibrating drop 2 r ~--- 18,2 RAM (0,5 RAM ), became. .... In all three traps, the ttShe of the applied Weehselspannung 228 volts amounted. .... The Vergr(ii]erungen are: ~ 1 ~ 13: 3, 7 ~ ~---78 ~ 12 : 3. .... In all three receivings of the figure 9, the diameter is maintaining ieder tIalbwelle mapped twice the stream, and indeed, corresponds in the first receiving the elne of the Durehmesserbilder the current maximum, that other zero value of the current.
  • Design of the “army-ant” cooperative lifting robot
    Instead, the EVBU’s built-in RS232 port, small internal RAM , and VO ports were directly connected to .... Power Power was supplied by two 6- volt , 4.2 amp-hour lead-acid bat- teries. .... For stability during the lifting of heavy objects, these were also considered as counterweights and were located … volt regulator and filter board, and another, spanning both batteries, that would supply 12 volts to a…
  • Shopping In Mechanics Tools - Big Bruin
    Overall Height in. 145, Overall Width in. 155, Volts 220, Motor Phases 60 Hz, Lift Capacity lbs. 12,000. .... Size: 12 . .... • Simplex 100 Ton Double Acting Hollow Ram RCD10010 .
  • The radiant fluxes of spectral lines in the mercury high pressure discharge in dependence of power, pressure and tube diameter
    The extended Mel-~-region see of 30 to 60 V01t / em (according to a pressure range of about 4 until 12 arm.) by power consumptions Bogenli ~ nge between 40 and 80 watt per em. .... The Rohrdurehmesser betr ~ gt 10 RAM , the voltage drop 81 volts / era.
  • The brightness distribution on illuminated cylinder surfaces
    The Spa.ltbreite amounted to 0,13 RAM , to so dal] therefore] edesmal only dutch a very narrow region Strah] en was passed. .... The voltage of the mlt of lamp mul fed gr ~ of eren of accumulators ( 12 Volt )] to be nattirlich very constant, as a low variation in the voltage of the lamp grol] en Einflul ~ on the thermal current has. .... The lamp gauze before each] ~[essung to burn first a time long the waving radiates them first then constantly. b) The Durchmessung of receivings .