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  • CR4 - Thread: Outboard motor battery charging
    You have a stator on the outboard running through a rectifier ( voltage down to 12 volt )then voltage regulator .
  • CR4 - Thread: How to Build an AVR for a Three Phase Generator?
    This would help with the voltage regulator , because LM317s do not expect to be fed from a supply which falls to zero twice each cycle - they usually expect an input always 2 volts higher than the required output. For test purposes, to get well over 20V, you can put a 12 V battery between the field negative and the negative of the bridge rectifier /voltage regulator.
  • The vision transmitter for the Sutton Coldfield television station
    This type of valve is directly heated, requiring about 4 kW at approximately 12 volts , and so a motor- generator set was installed and provided with an electronic voltage - regulator . The field of the generator is supplied through a grid-controlled rectifier , the firing point being determined …
  • The low cost alternative to UPS
    Rectifier and Ripple Capacitors Figure 3.120 Volt Switch Mode Power Supply. So intelligent use of the power supply voltage regulator can reduce the number of expected computer crashes by 12 per month, but unless something else is done, the computer we are looking at will still experience some 10.5 shutdowns per month …
  • A Comparative study of Various Single Stage PFC Converters in implementing Novel Converter Topology for Simultaneous charging and Individual Cell Balancing of ...
    [11] M. M. Jovanovic, D. M. Tsang and F. C. Lee, "Reduction voltage stress in integrated high quality rectifier - regulators variable frequency control," in Proc. IEEE APEC, 19 pp.569-575. [ 12 ] J. Qian, Q. Zhao, and F. C. Lee, "single stage single swi power factor correction AC/DC converters with dc bus volt feedback for universal line applications," IEEE Transactions Power Electronics, Vol. 13, Nov 1998, pp.-1079-1088.
  • Design of a varying ultrasonic frequency amplifier
    To produce a DC voltage, the secondary voltage output terminals are connected to a rectifier , which is connected to a voltage regulator , L7912. L7912 is used as a 12 volts supply for the signal generator and pre-amplifier.
  • CR4 - Thread: Stepping Down DC Voltage
    Don't use a bridge rectifier or much smoothing, put this 'lumpy' half wave regulated supply into say a 15 volt regulator , or an adjustable regulator set above 12 v. This will give you a voltage of say 15v with chunks missing out of it...
  • CR4 - Thread: Reference voltage for calibrating voltmeters
    Make one from a fixed voltage regulator say 5 volts and 12 volts. … accurate voltage source for a reasonable price, get a good transformer and bridge rectifier , then add some …
  • CR4 - Thread: Alternator Specs
    Automotive alternators always work connected through a rectifier and a regulator to a battery. Talking of the most common voltage , 12 Volt batteries, the setting of the regulator is 13,5 V dc, required to charge the battery pack.