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    The lower box in Figure 1.6 includes two proportional control levers, while the upper box contains two forward and reverse rocker switches and two pneumatic pressure toggle switches. The actual controllers used in the contest also featured two toggle switches in the lower controller that switched the pairs of electric circuits between 5- and 12 - Volt ranges.
  • CR4 - Thread: Small Electric Motor
    12 volts DC and 7 or more inch-lb of torque, 30 rpm is readily available. Two stops on the rope (maybe just knots) could work as your top and bottom limits and toggle a reversing switch .
  • Wind energy evaluation and solution for home applications
    The second output can be used to switch a small 12 volt DC muffin fan to vent hydrogen gas from the battery enclosure to prevent the danger of explosion when charging the batteries. The two push-buttons provide a way to toggle the output manually when the battery voltage was … By momentarily pressing one of the buttons, the output state will reverse and latch.
  • A visually-evoked roll response in the housefly
    The visual stimulus is a radial grating carried by a disc which is rotated at uniform speed by a 12 volt d.c. motor (Moseley) via a worm gear. Motion is reversed by a toggle switch (not shown) which reverses the polarity of this voltage.
  • WNGlosses (\
    … drip_N|3 scenic_J|3 storage_medium_N|3 driving_wheel_N|1 long_shot_N|2 long_iron_N|2 torque_N|8 tractive_J|1 psychoactive_substance_N|2 therapeutically_R|2 pointed_arch_N|6 span_N|11 piece_of_cloth_N|22 lay_over_V|1 forging_N|1 drop-leaf_N|1 pipet_N|1 stonemason_N|2 protease_inhibitor_N|5 reverse _transcriptase_inhibitor_N|1 nonmedicinal_J|1 mind-altering_J|1 … … plain_weave_N|3 boardwalk_N|1 clay_pipe_N|1 duffel_N|1 toggle _N|5 hollow_out_V|3 durham_N|1 organ_stop_N|7 sweet_J|167 trapezoidal_J|3 folk_music_N| 12 fret_V|7 fingerboard_N|5 exercising_weight_N|1 elevator_N|16 … eskimo_N|8 sod_N|4 induction_coil_N|2 ignition_ switch _N|2 pleasing_N|8 hostel_N|2 pilgrim_N|13 imavate_N|1 tofranil_N|1 clinical_depression_N|6 hot-water_tank_N|1 instrumentation_N|1 effect_V|8 imprint_N|2 painter_N|147 picture_V|5 extemporaneously_R|1 improvise_V|13 … … rectangle_N|4 calico_N|4 polynesian_N|3 samoan_N|1 jewel_V|2 pendant_J|7 ablution_N|1 tribunal_N|5 preside_V|11 mow_V|7 dummy_N|6 jointed_J|9 long_chain_N|3 graphite_N|8 hardness_N|17 sulphuric_acid_N|4 volt _N|18 bracket_V|1 campanile_N|1 pisa_N|2 …
    The DPDT Toggle switch is used to change direction of motor (forwardl reverse ). When both switches are simultaneously engaged, 12 volts is latched across the DPDT relay and the motor engages.
  • Train Spotting [toy vehicle for disabled children]
    In its entirety, the Train Spotting system uses six ultrasonic sensors,2 DC motors, a 12Volt DC battery, a microcontroller,a seat safety belt, and three toggle switches . The motors both steer and provide power for forward and reverse propulsion.
  • Design of a Modular, Compact, Multi-Role Remotely Operated Vehicle for Sheltered Water Operations
    … EMF may be induced once the MOSFET is turned off, so to avoid reverse voltages across the … This diode is an International Rectifier 18TQ035 that handles up to 18 amperes at 35 volts . In order to switch four channels of video, two Analog Devices ADG604 4-channel multiplexers were chosen … In case ofan emergency, a master kill switch can be toggled off to shut down all electronic … This is done by passing the input 12 volt power through an International Rectifier IRF3704 UEXFET.
  • WNSamples (\
    … brain_wave_N|2 desynchronize_V|1 tom_N|5 dick_N|2 latter_J|4 willingly_R|2 reluctantly_R|3 inglorious_J|3 baseline_N|1 busyness_N|2 antithesis_N|1 mann_N|1 flip_side_N|2 polarity_N|2 reverse_V|2 dialectic_N|1 contrary_N|2 not_guilty_J|3 sue_N|2 reverse _N|3 inverse_N|1 attribute_V|4 concentration_gradient_N|1 … … test_tube_N|1 plume_N|2 hoodoo_N|1 forehead_N| 12 cannibal_N|1 jock_N|1 strap_N|1 bra_N|2 … … miner_N|3 cleavage_N|1 disrepair_N|2 hazardous_J|3 switch _V|3 prepossession_N|1 shocked_J|2 gesture_V|3 … … sizzle_V|5 diesel_oil_N|1 incinerate_V|1 cremate_V|2 torch_V|1 chicken_breast_N|2 char_V|3 mantelpiece_N|1 blister_V|4 first_N|1 transpose_V|2 fugue_N|3 g_N|2 volt _N|1 transform_V|6 monster_N|3 … … cuban_N|1 commandeer_V|1 skyjack_V|1 uzbekistan_N|1 carjack_V|1 expropriate_V|1 landowner_N|2 muck_V|2 muss_V|1 tousle_V|2 let_go_of_V|1 relinquish_V|3 pop_N|3 toggle _V|1 unleash_V|2 let_loose_V|2 …
  • The Physical Chemist's Toolbox Complete Document
    … Tiþ12 ion table-top soft X-ray laser 604 Ti-sapphire laser 601, 602 Titration 360 TMPD (tetramethyl-para-phenylenediamine) 783–785 TMPD chloranil crystal is ionic 783 TMPD TCNQ crystal is ionic 783 TNT (trinitrotoluene) 610 Toggle switch 504 Tokyo 42 Toluene … … n) 135 spectroscopy 45 Viete, F. 18 Virial coefficient, second 261 Virtual gluon 12 image 85 photon … … 667 refractive index 667 polarity (Reichardt) 667 ultraviolet cutoff wavelength 667 specular reflectance 670 vacuum ultraviolet 670 VISUAL BASIC programing language 556 Vis viva 27 Voege, W. 629 Volt 50, 443 Volta, Count … … reversibility criteria 743 quasi- reversible redox process 743 differential …