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  • Effect of Pasteurization, High‐Pressure Processing, and Retorting on the Barrier Properties of Nylon 6, Nylon 6/Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol, and Nylon 6/Nanocomposi...
    Each pouch was filled with an 18-mL aliquot of distilled water and then sealed using a CeraTek heat sealer 12 -SC/1 obtained from Sencorp Systems Inc. (Hyannis, Mass., U.S.A.). The sealing conditions for the PE films were: 49.2 KPa, 25 volt , 1.2 s heating … These were filled with water and vacuumed then sealed using a Sipromac vacuum sealer (St. Germain, Que …
  • Photochemical reactions of atmospheric pollutants
    … used for this research were cylindrical borosilicate glass jars 1241.high with a 12 -in. inside diametcr. … lip of each vessel and sealed with a bead of Dow Corning Clear Sealer applied along the … An RC.4 Type 935 Vacuum Phototube with maximum response at 3400 f 500 Lkwas used in … A Senior Voltohmyst (RCA) was used to measure the response of the photocell in volts .
  • Polymer research at synchrotron radiation sources: symposium proceedings
    … LeCroy Amplifier/Discriminators Adjustable Slits Synchrotron Radiation (40y=O.4 mm, 40u=l>2 mm) He Atmosphere Vacuum … steel honeycomb core, 14 lb/ft* d«nsity,0.4 cell area, and 12 " thick, with … … 100 wires spaced 1 mm apart) linear detector with an amplifier, discriminator, and sealer on each wire. The output width control voltage is wired directly to -5 volts to give a 150-250 nsec …
  • Comparison of bend angle measurements in fresh cryopreserved cartilage specimens after electromechanical reshaping
    … in order to minimize crystallization of the tissue matrix and to allow adequate diffusion of the cryoprotectant into the cellular matrix.5-7 A commercially available food vacuum sealer system (FoodSaver Game Saver … … FL) was used to vacuum and seal the cartilage … Each specimen was cut into rectangular specimens (20 ± 1 x 12 ± 0.5 x 0 … … bend angles for fresh samples (control) with cryopreserved samples at 2 and 6 volts for 2 minutes …
  • A Latent Failure Mechanism for Surface Acoustic Wave Components Utilizing Lithium Niobate
    The component proceeds directly from the vacuum oven to the nitrogen filled package sealer , 050A) where burn-in consists of a 168-hour soakat 1250Cwith five volts dc applied across each transducer. 12 -P05409H .
  • Proceedings of the atmospheric tracers and tracer application workshop
    Each analyzer tube has a 12 in. radius and a 90° deflection angle. The vacuum envelope is all stainless steel with semi- sheer gold gaskets. system consists of: a 17 stage electron multiplier with gain of 10 , a NBS descritninator capable of supplying a 1 volt 4 nanosecond wide output pulse when triggered by pulses from … … voltage divider to eliminate line reflections, and a 250 MHz sealer .
  • Build Your Own Vacuum Hot Table for $600
    wood sealer , and placed, A side up, on the ledges provided by the angle iron frame. … one is using 4500 watts; so given that the electricity supply is 120 volts , one needs a … This tubing is then led to the vacuum pump, with an automobile An ordinary pressure regulator proved virtually useless; at around 10- 12 " hg it suddenly collapses and …

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