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  • Visual rehabilitation of patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy
    Hyperocular 12 X (+ 48.00 D Handheld magnifier with illumination 15 X (+ 60.00 D .
  • Appearance and distribution of the 275 kD hair‐cell antigen during development of the avian inner ear
    With the second set, cochleas from ED10, 12 , 14, 16, 18,and 20 and 2 days posthatchingwere … Measurements of the heights to which phalloidin staining and the HCA extended above the apical surface of the hair cells were made from micrographs printed at a magnification of x 650 with the aid of a hand-held measuring magnifier .
  • The bottom Taeniothrips as contraction location by the larch bubble foot laricivorus Krat. and Far. (Thysanoptera, Thripidae)
    Three samples were separately packaged the kg- X -bottom-bag of brown pack paper versdilossen and in the succession in the laboratory under the stereomicroscope in 10 with Bostitsch by 6- investigated Vergrollerung until 12 facher. b) A 312 cms high Larche … Immediately scanned for the withdrawal we respectively that stem stucco under the strip with a hand magnifying glass (10 fache Vergrof3erung).
  • Eldercare Technology for Clinical Practitioners
    … they should find a happy middle ground and slide the material on the x -y table to … In this case, our patient enlarges the stock table size a factor of 12 on the screen … An alternative to hand-held , illuminated, optical magnifiers , they provide a wide range of magnification along with the ability to manipulate contrast and color.
  • Aberration-corrected catadioptric magnifiers useful for simple microfiche readers
    When the microfiche frame is of size 16 x 12 mm, the magnification can be about 15 x and a design for this using the achromatic doublet is shown in figure 7. All the catadioptric magnifiers shown in figures 4-7 were fabricated and tried for viewing microfiche. For this purpose, a simple hand-held instrument has been .
    84 5-8 Images of the AFM cantilever and substrate taken using a hand-held Canon digital camera through a Specwell magnifier mounted on a stand. 12 On the x -axis is an index proportional to time.
  • Visual rehabilitation of patients with advanced stages of glaucoma, optic atrophy, myopia or retinitis pigmentosa
    Hyperocular 12 x (+ 48.00D Handheld magnifier with illumination 15 x (+ 60.00D .
  • Rehabilitation by optical disability and blindness
    Wide field of view, freedom of hands , inconspicuous optics inexpensive As multifocal lens in the upper component with attenuated, in the bottom component with reinforced addition (segment magnifying glass spectacles By high magnification demand (up to 12 -compartment X-Lenti .
  • Illuminated Handheld Magnifiers
    Illuminating Retangular Hand Magifier, 3X Aspheric Lens with 2" x 4" with 6 Watt Bulb J200 Series Mini Illuminated 2.5X Handheld Magnifier with 12 White LEDs .