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  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2593 companies)
    ...easy connecting without tools. With multi-pin connectors, a pinout diagram is sometimes helpful. Connections include network cable, USB, HDMI, DVI, SCSI, board mount, coaxial, RCA, audio, cable, etc. Applications include consumer electronics, video...
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  • FireWire® Connectors-Image
    FireWire® Connectors - (89 companies)
    IEEE 1394 connectors are used to connect FireWire (R) devices such as host controllers, adapters, hard drives, hubs, repeaters, and card readers. FireWire, a registered trademark of Apple Computer, is a communications protocol for the transmission...
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  • FireWire® Products-Image
    FireWire® Products - (65 companies)
    FireWire products use an interface standard developed by Apple Computer and adopted by the IEEE for very fast digital data transfers. FireWire, a registered trademark of Apple Computer, is a communications protocol for the transmission of data...
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  • Network Cables-Image
    Network Cables - (726 companies)
    How to Select Network Cables. Network cables are used in the transmission of data across networks. Choices include Fibre Channel, FireWire or IEEE 1394, GPIB, serial, parallel, patch, SCSI, Ethernet and USB. Specifications include cable type...
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  • Serial Cables-Image
    Serial Cables - (332 companies)
    How to Select Serial Cables. Serial cables are used for the serial transmission of data. They support communication standards such as RS232, RS422, and RS485, as well as Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394 or FireWire (R) (Apple Computer, Inc.), and universal...
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    Computer Cables - (304 companies)
    ...and other digital devices that use FireWire, an interface standard developed by Apple and adopted by the IEEE. FireWire supports hot swapping and allows the transmission of data, video and audio over a single cable at very high bit rates. VGA cables...
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    FireWire® Cables - (53 companies)
    ...specification of 400 Mbit/s. By using a 6-pin to 9-pin adapter, IEEE 1394a cables can plug into 1394b ports; however, the speed remains 400 Mbit/s. FireWire 800 cables double the transmission speed of the original interface and increase the maximum...
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    GPIB Expanders and GPIB Isolators - (5 companies)
    GPIB expanders allow the system to interface with more than the maximum number of devices specified in IEEE 488.1. GPIB isolators are used to electrically isolate two GPIB networks. GPIB expanders allow the system to interface with more than...
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    GPIB Extenders - (9 companies)
    GPIB extenders are used to remove the restrictions on cable length specified in the IEEE 488 (GPIB) standard, while maintaining optimal performance (e.g., maximum data rate, transmission quality, etc.). GPIB extenders are used to remove...
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    LAN, MAN, and WAN Network Design Services - (179 companies) (WAN) environments. Standards. LAN network design, MAN network design, and WAN network design services that support metropolitan area networks (MAN) may adhere to the IEEE 802.6 MAN standard from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics...
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  • Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV
    [4] IEEE - 1394b Interface Requirements for Military and Aerospace Vehicle Applications.SAE Aerospace, REV. … are to locate and protect the wires, and insulate with tested objects; the pinout is to connect …
  • IEEE Standard for a High-Performance Serial Bus - Redline
    … illustrated in Figure 4-44 could have the cable jacket printing of “ 1394b 2PR/25AWG 2C/22AWG,” … transceiver logic as defined by IEEE Std 1194.1-1991, and ECL for emitter-coupled logic. Alternatively, some of the modular jacks may be configured with the alternate pinout of Table 12-3 …
  • Digital Electronics: Principles Devices and Applications Complete Document
    … aspect of this family is that many of the MECL-10H devices are pinout /functional replacements of … (1994) BiCMOS Integrated Circuit Design, IEEE Press, USA. FireWire 800 is based on the IEEE 1394b standard and supports a data rate of 786.432 …
  • Forensic Computing
    The official specifications for Firewire are IEEE-1394-1995, IEEE 1394a- 2000 and IEEE 1394b (Apple Computer Inc., 2006), and it supports up to 63 devices daisy chained to a single adapter card. The 486DX2 overdrive processor uses the same pinout as the 487SX and therefore can be fitted into …