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  • Handbook to the Construction and Use of Insect Collection and Rearing Devices
    Types of magnifiers (clockwise from lower right); single plastic lens, doublet magnifier, 10X triplet magnifier and 15X triplet magnifier .
  • Loupes - Measuring and Layout Tools - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Hastings Triplet Loupe (1 • ○ Illuminated Pocket Magnifier  (1 • 15X  (1 .
  • Inspection of Metals - Understanding the Basics
    The best of these hand-held lenses are the Hastings Trip- let , Coddington, and the Plano-Convex, in that order (see Fig. 4 and 5). Another variety of the hand-held magnifier are pocket microscopes (Fig. 6). 15X .
  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
    … d), which can allow as much as $10X decrease in TON, and $ 15X decrease in TOFF. 2007) Design and fabrica- tion of a dual-element off-axis near-eye optical mag- nifier . … Triangular director profiles (TDPs), 1515 Triboelectric charge, 979 Trichromacy, 81, 148, 156, 173 Triplet states, 1218 Tri …
  • Handbook Of Biological Confocal Microscopy
    … pumping or the use of a dye-jet stream reduces the popula- tion of this triplet state. Potential hazard with magnifiers 1998 15x flux .
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
    Presented the first explicit use of imaginary numbers in solving the cubic equation x3 = 15x +4. … ruins of the palace of King Sennacherib (705–681 BCE) of Assyria, a quartz magnifier : It seemed to … y = 2uv, z = u2 + v2 , which indeed yields the Pythagorean triplets .
  • Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering
    … the response is obtained from at least seven nonlinear time-history analyses with ( triplets or pairs of … … seismic waves, used a totally different seismoscope consisting of a mercury container and an eleven-power magnifier . À 3: 15X þ 6:3X2 1 À X .
  • Satellites to Kepler at the GPS
    Fs(x) = 5x3-3x 2 63 xs-70x3 + 15x 8 … program français66 rests on the satellites67 Hélios on a héliosynchrone orbit, h = 680 kms and the German program on 5 satellites68 radar SAR-Lupe, h = 487 kms, i = iHs (SAR: Synthetic Aperture Radar; lupe means the " magnifying glass " in German). Triplet of phasage .
  • Computational Complexity
    Walrus uses three- dimensional hyperbolic geometry to display graphs un- der a fisheye-like magnifier . Such is the case of the so called q- triplet [185], observed for the first time in … 15X .
  • A physical study of spherical aberration
    … focus being adjusted visually by examining the image in the plane of the plate with a magnifier . - 0. 15X . With a perfect triplet objective one obtains a white globular centre, surrounded by wire-like rings.