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    Door Operators - (177 companies)
    ...and close the door at a reduced speed. Power-assisted door operators let the user open the door manually at a reduced force. Related Information CR4 Community—Garage Door Opener Mystery CR4 Community—Auto Garage Door Problem Engineering360...
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    Overhead Doors - (189 companies)
    ...with a remote-controlled garage door opener. Up-and-over garage doors consist of a panel that tilts forward before moving into an overhead position. Double up-and-over doors are also available. Sectional overhead doors are designed for car dealerships...
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    Doors - (1451 companies)
    ...often use sliding or folding doors for egress on to patios and decks. A sliding door is fitted into a track in a frame and is typically constructed of large panes of glass. Other types of doors include overhead doors for garages, warehouses and other...
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    Door Frames - (45 companies)
    Door frames are assemblies that hang doors within structures. These include swing door, pocket door, and specialty door frames. Door frames are prebuilt assemblies that support doors. They serve as entry points to structures and rooms. Types. Swing...
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    Door Closers - (86 companies)
    Door Closers close a door after it has been manually opened. Door closers close a door at a determined rate after it has been manually opened. They are usually mounted at the top of a door and frame and offer an increased level of safety, security...
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    Exterior Doors - (536 companies) front systems, and security doors. patio doors, garage doors, and screen doors. panel doors, double doors, and storm doors. fiberglass doors, steel doors, stainless steel doors, and wood doors. General-purpose entry doors are made from...
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    Door Stays and Lid Stays - (22 companies)
    Door and lid stays are devices connected to a lid or a door that prevent it from opening further than a specified amount, typically 90 degrees. Door and lid stays are devices connected to a lid or a door that prevent it from opening further than...
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    Door Stops and Holders - (71 companies)
    Door stops and holders prevent undesired movement of doors to prevent damage to nearby objects or to keep the door ajar. There are many configurations. Door stops and holders are accessories for swinging-style doors that prevent undesired movement...
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    Door Viewers - (23 companies)
    Door viewers are security devices that allow the user visual access to the other side of the door. They are optical devices, also known as peepholes, which fit through a door. Traditional peepholes have several disadvantages including a limited...
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    Access Doors - (137 companies)
    Access doors provide access to a specific piece of equipment or a confined space. They are typically small, hinged doors that offer access to compartments. Note, however, that access doors do not include roof hatches and floor hatches - a separate...
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  • Suppliers to the new VW Golf
    The automobile arrived at dealerships in October, with a starting price of € 16 ,50. .... Central electronics Hella Coaxial cables for the antenna system & seat heating cables Leoni Cooling fan controller Alcoa AFL Crash impact sound sensor Continental Automotive Systems Door control unit Kostal ECU … Hella Homelink (the integrated garage door opener ) Johnson Controls Hot-film … for body construction Dow Automotive Crash energy absorber pads (IMPAXX) front of the foot rest Dow Automotive…
  • CR4 - Thread: Opening Bifold Doors
    Friends of mine built there own 14' by 16 ' bi fold door and just use a counter weight system. .... about 400 pounds and can be set from ground level to within 1 foot of the top .... If you used a counter weight system you could likely open and close your door with a standard garage door opener and the right drive system.
  • Illustrative Risks To The Public In The Use Of Computer Systems And Related Technology
    Pilot OK (SEN 6 2, more SEN 11 2 ) I?-18 missile thrust while clamped, lost 20,000 feet (SEN 8 5) * I?- 16 simulation: plane flipped over. .... (SEN 8 3) *$ F-14 lost to uncontrollable spin, traced to tactical software (SEN 9 5) $ S Pres. Reagan's command plane jams thousands of garage - door openers (SEN 11 2) *$ Software problems in B-1B terrain-following radar, flight…
  • Robot communication : issues and implementations
    The robots communicate between themselves using a pair of radio transmitter and receiver boards similar to those used in garage door openers . .... The radio boards have a communication range of about 15 feet . .... Additionally, each robot has a speaker and a 16 -character LCD, both used primarily for debugging and…
  • Consumer Product Applications of Ultrasound
    …tion under these conditions is 1.7 db/meter or a lit- tle over 0.5 db/ foot . .... TV set generate electrical and acoustic radiation at the horizontal scan frequency (about 16 kHz) and its .... Lower frequencies, in the 20 kHz range, have been used in non-TV applica- tions such as garage door openers and burglar alarms.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, January 18, 2007 > [72 FR 2217] Safety Standard for Automatic Residential Garage Door Operators
    Accordingly, 16 CFR part 1211 is proposed to be amended as follows:. .... PART 1211-SAFETY STANDARDS FOR AUTOMATIC RESIDENTIAL GARAGE DOOR OPENERS . .... (a)(1) Other than for the first 1 foot (305mm) of door travel from the full upmost…
  • First time TIG...Blew out garage door openers!
    Blew out garage door openers ! .... The router is a good 100 foot away in the house. .... 03- 16 -2008, 11:06 PM #9 .
  • 202-234-4433
    I mean one would think that we could put 7 our foot down in some of this .... 16 for unlicensed use. .... 18 The problems we've had with garage door 19 openers weren't because they were going wrong 20 in an unlicensed band, whatever that is.
  • Wiring a feeder from main to subpanel in garage - Self Help Forums
    Drill Press ---3amps; 1hp Air compressor--- 16 amps at 110v or it can be. .... Also going to put in some floresent lighting, door opener and a few outlets for various handtools and whatever else. .... these items would not be in use at once, being I'm the only one using the garage . .... the wire up thru the attic in the house then underground about 10 feet or so to…
  • Basics of Computer Networking
    The IEEE 802.11 standards [ 16 , 22, 25] have a history that goes back a number of … 802.11 versions are meant to be wireless local area networks with ranges of several hundred feet . .... It has been popular for garage door openers , cordless telephones, and other consumer electronics devices.