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  • Real-time automatic target recognition using Zernike moments
    The six relevant image scenarios were merged into a single avi-film that was run and displayed on a 19 inch flat screen TFT monitor.
  • Erlebnisbasierte and corrupted memories in the EEG: A pilot study
    At both meetings, 35 yes-no-questions on an 19 "- TFT LCD- flat panel display with aid of the experimental control software of E Prime were presented to participants (Psychology software tools).
  • Information technology for engineers and natural scientists 1
    … 4 GB ramming-storage PCI bus 100 until 1000 GB hard disk drive; CDRW-/-DVD drive only rare diskette drive keyboard; mouse; possibly scanners ink jet or laser printer 19"-22 " LCD- flat panel display ( TFT monitor) Sound card with …
  • Technology partners | Optician
    … to see at the ESCRS meeting, with the launch of a new auto-focus non-mydriatic camera suitable for diabetic screening programmes (Optician, News, September 15) in the AFC 210 and a flat - screen acuity chart in SC-2000 19 -inch TFT .
  • Direct-conversion x-ray imaging detectors for medical nondestructive testing (NDT) and other applications
    Figure 19 shows peak spreading typical for images captured by an indirect-conversion detector with phosphor- screen , optics, and CCD sensor to yield 85 µm square effective-size pixels. Figure 20 shows a similar peak imaged by a selenium photo conductor direct-conversion TFT flat -panel detector with 139 µm square pixels.
  • Nanoscience Advances in CBRN Agents Detection, Information and Energy Security
    Transparent conducting films are also used in many electronic devices as in touch screens , flat panel displays, e-paper, etc. [ 19 , 43]. A graphene-ink suitable for inkjet printing was prepared, achieving graphene TFTs with up to 95 cm2 …
  • Fabrication of embedded electrodes by reverse offset printing
    … organic light emitting diodes and pho- tovoltaic cells [4, 5], flexible memory [6], radio-frequency identification tags [7–9], and biosensors [8, 10] to high- end flexible and bendable devices like flat displays made of high-resolution thin-film transistor ( TFT ) arrays [11–13]. To further develop the aforementioned devices, various printing techniques [14] are being actively investigated such as inkjet printing [15– 19 ], screen printing [20], gravure offset printing [21, 22], microcontact printing [11, 12], and reverse offset printing (ROP) [23–25].
  • Esterline Codis rugged large format displays
    Barco RFD 251 flat panel display Specifications Electro-optical Panel type: front-bonded analogue active matrix LCD (Silicone TFT ) Panel size: 51 cm … … 440 Hz General Mounting: 19 in Rack Mount Weight … … is a widescreen rugged flat panel display designed for … Specifications Panel size: 22.5 in wide- screen LCD Aspect Ratio: 16:10 Resolution: 1,920 × …
  • Monitor Reviews - Belinea 106075 19" CRT vs. Iiyama VM 1451 19" FST - Techist - All Things Tech
    the Iiyama VM 1451 19 " FST is still a CRT monitor. i do not know what FST means but i would guess it stands for flat screen technology. FST is just another matketing ploy like TFT which i would guess means true flatscreen technology. it …
  • :: New Materials Zone ::
    … developing industrial display solution strategically in high-brightness, rugged housing, multi-choice touch screen and mounting kits. The FPM-3190 is a 19 -inch color TFT LCD flat panel monitor specially designed for industrial applications.