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    Industrial Winches - (377 companies)
    ...or an electric motor. Industrial winches are designed to move heavy loads and come in a variety of configurations. Most winch drums are made of fabricated steel and designed for a specific loading capacity. How Do Winches Work? This video shows an industrial...
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    DC Motors - (1165 companies)
    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors. How to Select DC Motors. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Galil Motion Control; Stock Drive Products...
  • AC Motors-Image
    AC Motors - (1277 companies)
    AC motors include single, multiphase, universal, induction, synchronous, and gear motors. They also include servomotors. AC motors are electric motors which are powered by alternating current (AC). They are used to convert electrical energy...
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    Motor Controllers - (726 companies)
    Motor controllers receive supply voltages and provide signals to motor drives that are interfaced to motors. They include a power supply, amplifier, user interface, and position control circuitry. Motor controllers receive supply voltages...
  • Motor Starters and Contactors-Image
    Motor Starters and Contactors - (593 companies)
    Description. Motor starters and contactors are motor-starting devices. They combine a contactor with overload protection and are designed for starting AC or DC motors. Motor Ratings. Motor starter ratings include continuous current, thermal current...
    Hydraulic Motors - (363 companies)
    Hydraulic motors are powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid and transfer rotational kinetic energy to mechanical devices. Hydraulic motors, when powered by a mechanical source, can rotate in reverse direction and act as a pump. Operating...
    Gearmotors - (626 companies)
    ...motors are used primarily in automotive applications such as power winches on trucks, windshield wiper motors and power seat or power window motors. Jacks, cranes, lifts, clamping, robotics, conveyance, and mixing are just some of the applications...
    Power Tools - (846 companies)
    Power tools include a wide range of devices for fabrication, assembly, construction, and repair. They are usually motor-driven. Power tools include a wide range of devices for fabrication, assembly, construction, and repair. Most power tools...
    Speed Controls - (60 companies)
    Speed controls, including speed regulators and rate controllers, are used to decelerate and regulate the speed of loads such as moving carriages and machining feeds near the end of their travel.
    Hydraulic Pumps - (673 companies)
    Hydraulic pumps deliver high-pressure fluid flow to the pump outlet. Hydraulic pumps are powered by mechanical energy sources to pressurize fluid.

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  • CR4 - Thread: Automobile Alternator Current
    … competition use, farmer using our high output alternator to charge a very large battery bank, wind powered electricity supply project, ice cream van high output alternator to supply slush puppy machines, off road high output alternator to supply 24 volt winch motors .
  • CR4 - Thread: 24V Motor with 90:1 Gearbox - Change to AC Motor?
    I have been on board a vessel today and I was shown a winch that has a 24 volt motor with a 90:1 reduction gearbox.
  • CR4 - Thread: Reversing DC Starter Motors
    01/26/2009 12: 24 AM Here is a 12 volt reversible motor from an electric winch .
  • Products | Air Technical Industries's adjustable straddle cranes can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes | Plant Services
    An optional powered lift is available with a battery powered 12 or 24 volts DC, 110 volt AC or 240/480 volt three phase, as well as air powered motor for hazardous or flammable areas. The cranes may also be equipped with a manual or a powered winch cable lift to reach …
  • Trawl-safe profiler development at SACLANT Centre for shallow water environmental assessment and real time modeling
    The platform included the following: A. 24 Volt battery pack B. Motor /controller/cable/winchassembly C. Profiler buoy prototypewith electronics enclosure D. Profiler buoy dock with space for ADCP and … The winch assembly included an 80 watt permanent magnet DC servo-motor with 22:1 planetary reduction …
    range is from 0-28 volts with a locked-rotor current of I L4 amps at 24 volts . Two earlier models of these motors available from another research project are used for cable tensioning. The cable winches are driven through a wonn- gear system that provides a braking function as well …
  • China - Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 Version) Issued by the National Development and Reform Commission March 27, 2011 and Effecti...
    … small mine car manufacture project 4, diameter is 2.5 meters and following winch manufacture project 5 … And such energy saving as common light small bearing manufacture project 24 , 220 thousand volt and following power transformer (amorphous alloy, roll iron core matches under diameter is 400 millimeters and following synthetic diamond cutting saw blade manufacture project 23, P0 level … … 8.8 grade following common low archive standard fastener manufacture projects 29, drive motor power is 560 …
  • Project W-320, 241-C-106 sluicing electrical calculations, Volume 1
    Revised 7/ 24 /98 … 80' t o PUMP Pit and 60' #4 down into Tank AY-1021 Motor FLA = 52 A … … t 0.53 = 6.27% Motor terminal voltage = 480 (1 - .0627) = 449.9 Volts Minimum permissible voltage … … Durinq Immersible Pump StartuQ Initial conditions: a) Booster Pump i s Off b) Winch i s Off …
  • WNGlosses (\
    … samoan_N|1 jewel_V|2 pendant_J|7 ablution_N|1 tribunal_N|5 preside_V|11 mow_V|7 dummy_N|6 jointed_J|9 long_chain_N|3 graphite_N|8 hardness_N|17 sulphuric_acid_N|4 volt _N|18 bracket_V|1 campanile_N|1 … … l_N|3 learner_N|2 semiautomatic_pistol_N|1 bicycle_seat_N|1 fishing_boat_N|2 oblique_J|11 lug_N|1 command_module_N|1 bastion_N|2 bronze_age_N|6 sheen_N|3 plucked_J|2 sumptuous_J|6 churchyard_N|2 funeral_N|2 diabetes_insipidus_N|4 ancient_greek_N|16 hallucinogenic_drug_N|6 lysergic_acid_N|2 slot_V|1 sewing_machine_N|6 vise_N|4 speedometer_N|2 rubberize_V|2 upper_peninsula_N|3 michigan_N|27 plaid_N|3 northwestern_united_states_N| 24 life_jacket_N|1 paperback_N|2 light-tight_J|1 … … high-angle_gun_N|1 pestle_N|3 minaret_N|2 motor _hotel_N|1 motel_N|1 naphthalene_N|3 unbelted_J|1 … … staple_J|1 cellophane_N|2 tablet-armed_chair_N|1 page_printer_N|1 xerox_N|1 photoconductive_J|1 xerographic_printer_N|1 or_N|2 connecticut_N|17 square_sail_N|2 lateen_N|1 siding_N|3 winch _N|4 skid_road_N|1 yard_line_N|1 …
  • An automated profiling water quality sensing system
    24 volt source,throughthespeedandpolarityrelays, to the winch motorandbrake. Theseriesdiodeprevents motor action from occurring at turn-on.

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