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  • Arduino Projects to Save the World
    Socket for Pro Mini and 3.3 volt regulator; you can just make out the pins of the header that connects to the lower ( MAX232 ) board First, it provides the higher-voltage interface for the ATMega to communicate over RS232 .
  • A study of the laser power online detecting
    In the master circuit board have 3.3 V RS232 interface LCD Communicate interface use MAX232 units to change level, use this interface to PC by RS232. The MPU have inner ADC (10-bits), it reference voltage is 2 volt , it distinguish error less …
  • Radio Frequency Identification Based Rail Wagon Monitoring System
    Hence external pull up resistor banks of 3.3 KQ are used at all the ports. IC MAX232 along with its peripheral connections is used for this interface. … TTL voltage level, where as that received and transmitted by the personal computer is RS232 voltage level. … RS-232 driver/receiver pair that generates RS-232 voltage levels from a single +5- volt power supply.
    230V volt power supply is step downed and given to the regulator. MAX232 RS232 MPX5050power supply 2.7- 3.3 v 3.
  • Electrical Insulating Materials and Electrical Engineering
    So in the design we employ the AMS1117 chip to convert 5 volt to 3.3 volt . The MAX222 chip converts CMOS level into the RS232 level to interface with HMI. In the design, when microchip communicates with HMI, we enable the MAX232 chip and disable the MAX485 …
    Table 3.3 : Components required for identification system Figure 3-6: Analog Multiplexer switches Atmega UART between RS232 & RS485 converters Port zero and two of the 74HC4052 use a MAX232 level-shifter to convert TTL voltages to … Four luF capacitor are required to created the ±11 volt signal needed to implement the RS-232 …
    VOUT = output voltage of the sensor ( volts 3.3 . PC Interfacing with Microcontroller Using RS232 Serial Communication Personal computer is interfaced with PIC 18F4458 using MAX232 .
  • Applied Mechatronics
    15 V 10 k 3.3 k The serial port of the station computer is connected to a MAX232 integrated circuit that in- terfaced RS232 to TTL compatible signals. ±180- volt DC Power Supply .
  • Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics
    Power MOSFET is a voltage-controlled device, the volt -ampere characteristic of which is in liner relationship … [6] R Wang, K Martin, D Johns: A 3.3 mW 12MS/s 10b Pipelined ADC in 90nm Digital CMOS. … the RF card information through antenna and then connects with external computers via RS232 or USB interface … TTL levels are converted to RS-232 levels mainly through MAX232 .
  • Practical AVR Microcontrollers
    A 3.3 V source is needed to supply AREF and to power the chip - since that is the supply voltage required. … CAT5 or CAT6 home LAN (local area network), or perhaps a plain old RS232 serial cable back … Finally, on the breadboard (which is powered by the +5- volt supply that we also added in … … AVR side, we need an RS-232 level converter chip (such as Maxim’s MAX232 or MAX233 chip …