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  • US Customs seeks new Multirole Enforcement Aircraft
    The 360 -degree EO payload is specified as being able to provide visible light and infrared imaging, together with laser illumination and range-finding, and is to … … entered parameters, sensor pointing direction and/or contrast levels ) and an automatic focus and tracking capability.
  • Rheinmetall Landsysteme one-man turret E8
    … gunner) Armament: (main) 1 × 30 mm Mauser MK 30 automatic cannon (see text) (secondary … … magnification ×2/×6) (observation periscopes) 360 ° all round vision … … equipment and ballistic protection level Power supply: 24 V … … armour to customer's requirements, laser warning device and integrated …
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technology I
    … the installation base, separation of manufacturing and testing, which have a huge impact on the accuracy, efficiency and detection accuracy in production process [1], but the online detection technique in CNC machines can improve the level of automatic processing and ensure the … … measurement method have bad influence on the flexibility and accuracy of detection .then some non-contact detection methods achieved great progress, Qin Dahui [4] studied registration of multi-view of the 3D laser scanning system, which achieved 360 o rotation measurement of …
  • laser level sensor zyt lds 0060,China laser level sensor zyt lds 0060 Manufacturers, Suppliers - ECOL
    Laser Level,auto leveling laser . Accuracy:2"Display range: 360 °/400gon/6400miloptionalElectronic automatic compensationOperation interface in English or Chinese .
  • Abstracts of Current Computer Literature
    … Languages 5904 Tool for Studying the Algebraic Structure of Formal Languages 5916 Recursive Undecidability of Recognition Speed of Context-Free Languages by Turing Machines 5922 Language Structure for Automatic Inte- grated-Circuit Artwork … … Computational Linguistics, Programming Languages Lasers Injection Laser Half Adder … … chines 5926 Linguistics -see Languages Linking Dynamic Data Linking in MULTICS 5968 Error-Correcting Data Link Between Small and Large Computers 6059 Lists Partitioned List Algorithms 5536 Low- Level Data Structure Package for … … FORTRAN for IBM System/ 360 5889 LISP Format Directed …
  • Abstracts of Current Computer Literature
    … for Magnetic Core 4918 Cellular Arrays for 4998 Cryoelectric Random-Access 5320 Garbage Collection Using a Two-Level 5336 Laser 4803 LISP System Using … … Virtual-Storage Concept Providing Automatic 4820 Allocation: for Flexible … … Associa- tive 4942 Organization, Level Changing in a Multilevel … Algorithms for Automatic 5140 System: for the IBM System/ 360 Model 91 5123 for Information Retrieval, Cryogenic …
  • Passive and active optical sensing system for monitoring partial discharge on hydrogenerators
    In the same plot, we can observe the levels of supply power needed for the automatic signal laser control. The maximum available power from the 1480 nm source is 360 mW.
  • Kurgan upgraded BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle
    … installation of Rubezh sighting system with PHK-2-42 thermal imaging sight installation of TKN-A1 commander's device with laser active pulse illuminator installation … … observation device installation of automatic gear selector installation of … … engine with output of 360 hp upgraded suspension and … … electronic device which provides warning about emergency situations or about failure at subsystem level Installation of a …
  • On the surface roughness characteristics of the land fast sea-ice in the Bohai Sea
    The main wavelength of the laser pulse is 532 nm, with a field range of 360 °×60°, a scan resolution of 3 mm at a distance of 50 m, a standard deviation of 6.5 mm at a distance of 200 m … The instrument uses an automatic level compensation and a real-time temperature compensation.
  • Rheinmetall Landsysteme one-man turret E8
    Further turret options include a laser warning system with a directional indicator and integrated command and control … Crew: 1 (gunner) Armament: (main) 1 × 30 mm Mauser MK 30 automatic cannon (see text) (secondary) 1 × 7 … … fire-control system (see text) Control: traverse 360 °, elevation -10 to … … equipment and ballistic protection level Power supply: 24 V …