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  • Stress corrosion crack detection in alloy 600 in high temperature caustic
    …Stainless Steel LUDC Analytical MiniPump Metering Pump 1 4 FNZ-SS 10000 psig Stainless Steel Parker 1/4" CPI Plug 1 4-4 EBZ … Stainless Steel Parker Three Way Spring Loaded Ball Valve 1 4Z(A)-V2LN … MHN-B 3900 psig Brass Parker. .... P605-X 4500 psig 17-4 PH SS Omega Engineenring 0-3000psig Transducer 3 15M42B1 60000 psig…
  • States > Texas > City of Fort Worth > Regulations > [TX FtW Reg 12.5] 12.5 - Environmental Protection and Compliance
    If a doublecheck valve assembly is installed in a vault, brass plugs shall be maintained in the test ports at all times and adequate drainage shall be provided. .... ( 3 ) Assemblies shall be installed at the point of delivery of the water supply, before any branch in the line, and on private property located just inside the boundary of the city's right-of- way .
  • Acceptance testing report of Eductor System to be installed in the 105 K Basins
    …all vacuum heads should have one inch mesh at the head face to minimize plugging the eductor. .... 6) The 3 " 2- way Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturer (PBM) pneumatic ball valve and the 2" 3-way PBM pneumatic ball valve are recommended for use with the Eductor System to dislodge debris occluding the suction side of the eductor.
  • An improved circulator for closed circle anaesthesia
    …character The motor is mounted on one end of a 3 m cyhnder of th~s … to spin reside the brass cylmder, and with the … closed wxth a removable plug M~imtenance ~s very rumple … the ongmal metal-rubber valve d_tsks are replaced by … of water above the pies,sure m the whole system Tins in no way mtexferes wtth the…
  • House technique
    1 squeezing screw joint 2 adjustable thrust tube 32/30 mms, messingverchromt 3 tube 32/30 mms, brass -chromed galvanize 4 overflow of the washstand 5 wall tiles 150 × 150 mms 6 mortars 7 masonry 8 elastic tube connection with H rubber nipple .... 3.161 connection of a washstand to the dewatering line with rubber plug -sequence valve and tube odor trap (M 1:5). .... Shaped or the incorporated odor traps of the most different design , about with dipping wall, are provided by countless concretes, castings or hygienic objects.
  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 5
    Mter the barrels are headed up they are broached in the head and blown into by means of a brass pipe containing a valve , which is put down in the … if found tight, the hole is plugged up as soon as .... As a rule the herring are repacked in such a way that out of 4 barrels salted in the fishing-places from 3 ~ to 3% bar- rels of herring are obtained when packed for shipment.
  • Thermodynamic design and fouling of membrane distillation systems
    …Carrlane 1 Grizzly 6 Piece 3" Clamp Set G8093 Amazon 1 $17.95/pack $17.95 2" Industrial C Clamp 37844 THarbor Freight JET 2 1/2" C Clamp, 3 way side 53430 Walmart $7 … $12.50 Instrumentation Pipe plug thermistors TH-44004- Pipep__gther .... 12.37 $61.85 hex reducing bushing 4589K154 McMaster 2 $3.11 $6.22 shutoff valve : disconnect 3/4" hot side 4724K72 McMaster 2 $11.55 $23 … Cold Side Valve 9762K32 McMaster 1 9.58 $9.58 Brass Check Valve 7768K41 McMaster…
  • A differential pressure transducer for the measurement of high-frequency fluctuations in liquids
    The plug end is then flush with the inner surface of the transmission line. .... The 3 - way valves are of the ball type and have a uniform bore throughout which is also 4.5 mm diameter. .... The valves are brass (Whitey$ model B43V34) and have compression fittings to take the 4.5 mm…
  • Magnitude and spatio-temporal variability of methane emissions from a eutrophic freshwater lake
    The 3 - way valve on top of the collection chamber is attached via a nominal quarter inch (0.63cm) brass nipple to one of the adapters, while the second adapter is left open to the water column. .... The housing is closed with a nominal 4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe plug , cut to a…