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  • Seaeye Jaguar
    Two combined video data multiplexers are supplied as standard providing a total of: 8 × composite video channels ; 4 × RS485 channels; and 8 × RS232 channels.
  • Seaeye Jaguar
    Two combined video data multiplexers are supplied as standard providing a total of: 8 x composite video channels ; 4 x RS485 channels; and 8 x RS232 channels.
  • Quantum
    … kW) optional Propulsion: 8 Curvetech thrusters - 4 HTE 380BA vectored horizontal (HTE 420BA optional); 4 HTE 300BA vertical Performance … … Heading, depth, altitude, hold Video capability: 8 channels composite (all with focus and … … optional Communication requirements: Data multiplexer with 16 × RS232 …
  • ECT5484 4 Channel 10-BIT Digital Video+Audio+Data
    The ECT5484 system provides a high performance broadcast link for transmitting 4 composite or component video signals along with 4 Hi-Fi stereo (8 mono) audio channels and 4 multi-format data channels over one fibre optic core. Multiplexer and demultiplexer devices are available as stand-alone modules or rack-mounted cards for the 3U, 14-slot USR-14A subrack.
  • Digital Video
    The output of the FEC decoder is fed to an MPEG Systems de multiplexer , followed by the audio/ video decompression devices. The resulting video components are then usually com- bined to produce a composite NTSC signal. This is then either passed directly to the baseband inputs of the TV or up-converted to channel 3 or 4 and passed to the RF antenna inputs.
  • The Transcribed Demonstration
    of the FM signal, the bandlimited voice signal, and the reference carrierconstitutes the complex composite signal that is applied to the main audio channel of the video tape recorder. The methodof frequency-division separa- tion of data, voice, and control signals is illustrated in Fig. 4 . THE DE MULTIPLEXER The demultiplexer recovers the recorded signals from the output jack of the audio track of the video tape recorder during playback.
  • Improved performance of a hybrid dense wavelength division multiplexing system employing optical vestigial sideband filters
    The composite sig- nals are now a combination of the 77 AM-VSB video channels , 38 256-QAM digital channels, and 4 OC-48 digi- tal baseband channels. After transmission over a total distance of 100 km, the received optical signals are split using a 1 8 DWDM de multiplexer DEMUX and are detected using two broadband analog optical re- ceivers and four digital optical receivers, respectively.
  • A combined benthic grab and observation system for rapid assessment of water column and seabed
    Figure 4 . BOAGS main electronics pressure housing Two composite PAL video channels and 10 Mbit Ethernet data channel are transmitted over the fibers within the cable. Focal model 914 fiber optic multiplexers carry these signals.
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • Transmission and routing experiments with uncompressed digital HDTV signals
    The complete signal path is shown in Fig. 4 . In the signal path there is now a optical wavelength de multiplexer and an electrical crosspoint switch to select the laser wavelength carrying the HDTV signal. Error-free transmission has been demonstrated with the network also carrying several channels of composite video .