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  • Sell magnifier
    MAG.: 4X • Related Keywords : magnifier , dome magnifier .
  • Larva and doll forms the forstlich important Trauersch weber
    Larva of Hemipenthes morio L. Vergr. 4X . Head animal doll of Hemipenthes maurus L., ventral view. Vergr. 30X. Already without magnifying glass , allow themselves differences on both gro3en triangular to recognize dark-brown prongs types said at the head of the three.
  • The owls of Egypt
    The embryonic membrane seems through fahlliehtgelb. a) 3,4X 2,8 cms The Sehalenoberfl ~ tehe is smooth and what and betraehtet shows easily indented Gr~'~behen and here and here mounted KnStchen through the magnifying glass . Head grol ~ and find; eyes strongly protruding, generally with brightly tangerine or yellow h'is.
  • Comparative studies on methods for the determination of the Capillarresistenz
    A magnifying glass yon was used 5 Dioptfien to the Z ~ hlung of the Petecchien Bet both methods. 4x , Io73 (I937). … the autumn and by M / tnnern, with meningitischen symptoms (that are Hirlmerven headache and emesis particularly …
  • Rehabilitation by optical disability and blindness
    Basic systems, for example with low magnification (firm A. of Swiss optics GmbH with V of 1,2x, 1,4x , 1,6x and 1,8x) and clear visual angle magnification (58 °, 48 °, 36 °, 25 °), are offered. By a vision of 0,1 and better, these optical systems pleasanter television allow (possibly under additional shortening of the seat distance to the screen), but Fernrohr(lupen)brillen for the intermediate distance or for the remoteness not to loads of the … Above the optical center, the use through head lowering for orientation, under the optical center for an …
  • Practice book traumatology
    For the seam, a magnifying glass spectacles is and still a better operation microscope necessarily, as, the suture of the starch 8/0 to 10/0 to process applies it. They have together the form of a " Y ", that on the head steht.Dort,wo … .4x denoted Other .4y Not nearer 5-821.5 .
  • Operation reports orthopaedics
    Under Zuhilfenahme of magnifying glass spectacles removal of the dorsal components of the Anulus fibrosus. Mathys, Affinis short, head 45/15/2 Glenoid, shaft size 3, size 2, cements the) shoulder joint right Movement rail from currently evening and every day further 4x/tägl . for 30 min by equipped 3 in …
  • Medical therapy 2007 | 2008
    In an initial study on inhaled VIP (50 µg 4x/d ) in 8 patients with pulmonary hypertension, the … … take place lung perfusion are missing (assuming of the deszendierenden aorta) (assuming of the head neck vessels). … been removed for prevention of a kidnapping; acetic acid test: fünfminütige application of 5%iger (outer reproductive organ) or 3%iger acetic acid (vagina, cervix uterus, anal channel) by means of cotton swabs and following inspection with good light source, magnifying glass or Kolposkop.
  • Dueck's Panopticon
    And it arrives there: "1x x4 x6, 2x, 45, 4x ". … that direct always only the warning displays in intestines in order that the head does what the … I must seek that with the magnifying glass .
  • Selected chapters of the comparative physiology of the labyrinth. The ocular muscle reflexes by rabbits and its bases
    ,,, / 91/1 ,4x,N Ftir the zentrischo rotation about e] ne vertical axis and the head positions the Abb. 9, which … It Mr / [the horizontal arch with ~ els bit and Fraise under animal of binocular magnifying glass at two positions exposed, uad indeed in.