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  • TMS Bladesmithing Competition Sparks Ingenuity
    “This project presents the design of an experimental heat treatment for a 52100 chopping/camp knife .
  • ZASMHBA0001151
    148 / Heat Treating of Steel Table 4 Typical applications of martempering steel parts in salt Maximum section thickness Part Grade mm in. kg Martempering conditions Weight lb Temperature of salt °C °F Minimum time in salt, min Required hardness, HRC … Spline shaft Arbor sleeve Screw-machine spindle Driving barrel Bearing race(h) Hog knife Landing-gear spring … 4130 8740 1045 Type 410 9310(e) 8740 52100 3312(e) 4350 4815(e) 4340 8720(e …
  • ZASMHBA0005104
    These steels are heat treated to 60 HRC or higher, the same hardness as that specified for 52100 steel cutters. Straight Knives Types of straight knives include trimmer knives, guillotine knives, sheeter knives, and cutoff knives.
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  • Steel Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
    52100 steel austempering of knives , 124(F) heat treatment for, 59–60(7) .
  • ZASMHBA0001159
    Examples of applications of ion implantation include the surface hardening of razor blades (Ref 5) and knives (Ref 13), a variety of tool steel applications (Ref 14), and the implantation of 52100 and 440C bearings with titanium and/or nitrogen to improve rolling … Carburization prevention may be necessary on areas to be machined further after heat treating or to prevent a thin area from being carburized all the way through its section, thereby becoming brittle (Ref 3).
  • Engineering Decisions for Manufacturing Systems
    … materials they are being used pretty much in punching dies, paper and plastic knives , deep drawing dies … The hardness of these materials in the situation of not exposed to heat treatment is 25 HRc and this hardness reaches to the 65 HRc when they are hardened by heat treatment. … tool wear, surface roughness and cutting temperatures, during the turning of hardened AISI 52100 (60 HRc) work …
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 Complete Document
    Mower knives , 1085 heat - treated , 2330 Races ball-bearing, 52100 .
  • ZSA461
    UDDEHOLM AISI 52100 is an extremely versatile high-strength steel available in strip form. Heat Treatment : Soft annealing: Hold 1-2 hours at 1470-149O'F (8OO810°C). furnace cool at 25-35°F (15-20°C) per hour to 1200°F (930°C) air cool to room temperature. Knives : Paper shearing, paper slitting rolls, circular slitting, rubber and tire trimming, spacersfor slitting lines.
    … is interesting to observe that there exists a high carbon bearing steel, AISI 52100 , which after quench … In confirmation of this, the friction coefficient is observed to rise if the steel is heat treated so as to restore microcrystallinity.27 How- ever, the wear resistance remains high, and so it may be concluded that the compositional change is dominant … 4 Knives used for production of sliced bread: nitrogen ion implantation has increased life of such tools …