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  • Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps-Image
    Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps - (283 companies)
    ...or barrel stationary due to the properties of the fluid and the pumping environment. Hand pumps and foot pumps are portable and field operable where electric drives may not be available. A gage is often attached to hand pumps...
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    Maximum Discharge Pressure
    Discharge Size
  • Liquid Handling Pumps-Image
    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2258 companies)
    ...pump: Hand-operated reciprocating pump. Image Credit: For more information on positive displacement pumps, visit the How to Select Positive Displacement Pumps page on Engineering360. Pump Parameters. Pump operation and performance can best...
  • Drum Pumps-Image
    Drum Pumps - (255 companies)
    Drum pumps are used to transfer materials from a container into a process or other container. They may be electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically powered depending on the working environment or application. Drum pumps, also called barrel pumps...
  • Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators-Image
    Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators - (828 companies)
    Vacuum pumps and vacuum generators provide sub-atmospheric pressure for a variety of industrial and scientific applications where a vacuum is required. Vacuum pumps and vacuum generators provide sub-atmospheric pressure for a variety of industrial...
  • Fluid Transfer Pump Systems-Image
    Fluid Transfer Pump Systems - (264 companies)
    Fluid transfer pump systems are used in processing, water purification and desalination, or liquid handling applications. Some products are used in heat transfer applications or fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Others are designed...
    Wrenches - (407 companies)
    Wrenches, also known as spanners, are hand-held tools designed to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque for turning bolts, nuts, and other wrench-friendly objects. Wrench is a standard term, whereas spanner refers to a specialized wrench...
    Industrial Containers - (1605 companies)
    ...or carrying liquids or solids. A crate is an open box with slats, or a protective case or framework for shipping. Cylindrical containers include cans, tubes, bottles and vials. Drums and barrels are large cylindrical industrial containers, usually...
    Lifts - (1623 companies)
    ...articulated lifts. Lift Actuators. Lifts may be actuated by any of the following mechanisms: Hand cranks. Screw drives. Foot pumping and ratcheting. Pneumatic air cylinders and air motors. Hydraulic cylinders and motors. Electrical motors. Standards. BS 5655...
    Concrete Mixers - (112 companies)
    Concrete mixers are used to mix concrete during the processing of water, cement and aggregate media, or during the delivery and final pour preparation.
    Strainers - (750 companies)
    ...flowing liquids or gases by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element. They are used in pipelines to protect equipment such as pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, and regulators. Conical line strainers are used to protect fluid...

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  • Design and operation of a geopressurized-geothermal hybrid cycle power plant
    received in 55 gallon drums which were water were moved into position with a standard barrel hand cart. OSHA Subpart 0 - Machinery and Machine Guarding 1) Rotating machinery at the site included pumps , .
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Nuclear Regulatory Commission > NUREG Series Publications > NUREG-1834 - Environmental Impa...
    The contents of a leaking or damaged waste container may be repackaged by hand , or by utilizing a barrel lift, forklift, forklift rotator attachment, pump , or other means of transfer. 5, 30, 55 , or 110 gallon drums; small diameter containers • .
  • - Gardening Resource Site

    A new gutter and downspouts at each end of the house funnel water from the roof into 55 - gallon barrels standing underneath.

    Getting the water out of storage and to the plants next summer will involve a siphon pump of some kind, and also hand -watering with buckets of water, which is not an unreasonable way to do it.

  • Phase I ResonantSonic CRADA report
    During the drilling of the 45 degree angle vapor extraction well, minimal secondary drilling waste contaminated with carbon tetrachloride was generated: a total of one 208-1 iters plus 19-1iters ( 55 - gallons drum plus 5 gallons) in a second drum. Unwanted contaminated soil was vibrated out of the core barrel into a drum. The rinsate was first collected in a decontamination trough and then pumped into drums. … the amount of steam cleaning and by washing some of the equipment by hand . generated one drum …
  • Concrete decontamination by Electro-Hydraulic Scabbling (EHS)
    This makes a standard 55 gallon barrel appropriate for a full-day (net 5-6 scabblinghours) operation. The return line pump should be able to handle up to 120 Ikr (about 2 gamin) water … On the other hand , this may not be necessary, because an electric power connection between the carriage …
  • The NOvA Technical Design Report
    Each 55 - gallon drum (green barrels ) holds one of the two adhesive components. Four adhesive dispensing pumps are shown in front of each 55-gallon drum. The lifting fixture support pivot (green cylinder) is on the right- hand end of the lifting fixture …
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  • DAYTON Hand Drum Pump,Piston,Nylon - Hand Operated Drum Pumps - 2RUK1|2RUK1 - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Dayton Drum and Barrel Pump OIPM Pump comes complete with a curved discharged spout with nut, and fits 15 - 55 gallon (50-205 liter) drums. Hand Drum Pump, Piston, Nylon .