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  • Power recycler for DC power supplies burn-in test: design and experimentation
    The + 5V to + 12V boost converter is responsible for draining the adequate current from the +5V output and for transfering the energy of the +5V output to the +12V output.
  • Analog and Power Management Techniques
    The converter has four main positive boost outputs programmable from +5 to + 12V and one dependent negative output from -12 to - 5V .
  • Power quality improved bridgeless converter based multiple output SMPS
    …loads is applied simultaneously on +12V and +5V outputs to demonstrate proper functioning of power supply under load changes. a load on + 12V output is varied from lOO% to 20% at O. 0.25s and simultaneously in + 5V , it is varied from .... The output voltage buck- boost converter is maintained constant with a small overshoot.
  • Smart DC-DC ATX power supply for use in vehicles
    In order to obtain the regulated + 12V output we choose the LTC3780, a high efficiency, synchronous, 4-switch buck- boost controller that operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage [5]. .... The + 5V and +3.3V rails are generated using the LM5642 high voltage, dual synchronous buck converter with oscillator synchronization.
  • EL7581 Datasheet
    It features a PWM boost converter with 2.7V to 14V input capability and 5V to 17V output, which powers the column drivers and provides up to 720mA @ 12V , 570mA @ 15V from 5V input. .... provide regulated outputs of VON and VOFF supplies at 8V to 40V and - 5V to -40V, respectively…
  • Table of contents
    16-2 - 16:40 Single-Inductor Dual Buck- Boost Output (SIDBBO) Converter with Adaptive Current Control Mode (ACCM) and Adaptive Body Switch (ABS) for Compact Size and Long Battery Life in Portable Devices, M.-H. Huang and K.- H. Chen, National Chiao .... 16-4 - 17:30 High-Efficiency, 12V - to -1. 5V DC-DC Converter Realized with Switched-Capacitor Architecture, V.W. Ng, M.D. Seeman and S.R. Sanders, University of California, Berkeley, USA 146 .
  • Laplace transform-based theoretical foundations and experimental validation: low-frequency supercapacitor circulation for efficiency improvements in linear reg...
    …fast-transient low-dropout regulator with load-tracking impedance adjustment and loop-gain boosting technique’, IEEE Trans. .... 10), pp. 757–761 25 Bull, C., Smith, C.: ‘Integrated building blocks for dual-output buck converter ’. .... Fig. 8 Efficiency comparisons for a 12V - to - 5V regulator .
  • Small size and low weight DC/DC converter with no magnetic elements
    in our laboratory for the nominal data: output power 15W,input/output voltage 5V / 12V . .... A summary of the advantages of the new type of step-up converter makes the object of .... The proposed boost DC- to -DC converter is shown in Fig. 1.
  • LT3582 - Boost & Inverting DC/DC Converter for Active Matrix OLED & CCD Bias
    The LT3582-5 and LT3582-12 are preconfigured with ± 5V and ± 12V outputs respectively, useful in many signal conditioning applications. .... The LT3582 series includes two monolithic converters , one boost and one inverting. .... The LT3582/-5/-12's input voltage range of 2.55V to 5.5V make them ideal for…
  • A novel high performance resonant gate drive circuit with low circulating current
    EnergyRecovery[%] Vcc= 5V Vcc= 12V . .... SIMULATION AND EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS SIMetrix 5.1, was used to simulate the proposed resonant gate driver with a Boost converter using the parameters given in Table 2. .... The resonant driver was compared to a conventional driver consisting of one complementary pair MOSFET Si3585DV with…