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  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2503 companies)
    ...modules. Solenoid Valve Connectors Solenoid valve connectors are used to connect solenoid valves and pressure switches. Solenoid valve connectors are often used as environmentally resistant junction boxes. These protective enclosures can be used...
  • SCSI Switches-Image
    SCSI Switches - (9 companies)
    SCSI switches connect test points or devices to instruments for the testing, measuring, or monitoring industrial systems. Small computer system interface (SCSI) is an intelligent peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol...
  • SCSI Adapters and SCSI Controllers-Image
    SCSI Adapters and SCSI Controllers - (68 companies) 8-bit SCSI port that uses Single-ended open-collector drivers. Uses a 50-pin connector. SCSI-1 is an obsolete standard after the development of SCSI-2. SCSI-2 has significant improvements over SCSI-1 including faster data transfer rates, better...
  • SCSI Products-Image
    SCSI Products - (123 companies)
    SCSI products is a general search form that covers small computer systems interface (SCSI) products such as SCSI host adapters and controllers, converters, terminators, and switches. More detailed search forms are available for individual areas...
  • SCSI Converters-Image
    SCSI Converters - (8 companies)
    Parallel Interface uses a ribbon cable relying on at least two 50-pin, 68-pin or 80-pin connectors. The hot-pluggable instruments use a single 80-pin connector. Exceptional data rate demands of supercomputers and storage area networks employ Fiber...
    SCSI Cables - (151 companies)
    ...and synchronous transfer rates up to 5 Mbps. SCSI-1 has an 8-bit port that uses a 50-pin connector and single-ended, open-collector drives. SCSI-2 has faster data transfer rates, better connectors, a wider bus path, parity checking, and better reliability...
    SCSI Terminations - (40 companies)
    ...and SCSI Parallel Interface 3 documents. Multimode (LVD/MSE) SCSI terminations are used in low-voltage differential (LVD) systems with multimode transceivers. Depending on the voltage level at the DIFFSENSE pin of the cable, the transceiver automatically...
    SCSI Extenders - (8 companies)
    An SCSI Extender is a device (a stand alone module or a card) used to extend the distance at which peripheral devices may be placed from the host computer. Description. SCSI extenders are stand-alone modules or cards used to extend the distance...
    Boxes and Crates - (227 companies)
    Image credit: Baker Corp. | GLobal Industrial | Quantum Storage Systems. Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications. Boxes...
    Terminal and Junction Boxes - (533 companies)
    How to Select Terminal and Junction Boxes. Terminal and junction boxes are used to house electrical components and facilitate wiring. Selection Considerations. When selecting terminal or junction boxes, correct size and adequate protection...

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  • Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    … π/4 DQPSK), see Modulation pi/4 quadrature phase shift keying (π/4 QPSK), see Modulation Picocell, 556f, 557 Piconet, 409–410f Picture element (pel), see Pixel Picturephone, 621 Pixel, 603 Pizza box , 456 Plain old telephone … … 657 Positive-intrinsic-negative ( PIN ) diode, 81, 90 Post … … data network (PDN), 301 Public services commission (PSC), see Public utilities commission Public switched telephone network (PSTN … … Q.922, 498 Q.931, 349, 615, 616 Q.933, 498 Q-band, 68 Q Signaling (QSIG … … 3f Skills-based routing, 133, 134 Skin effect, 49 Small Computer Systems Interface ( SCSI ), 413, 415 SMDS …
  • The XFEL RF interlock system
    The output stage can be used as high side and low side switch . E. LightIO Distribution Box The box is connected via a 68 pin SCSI cable to a Rear IO module at the Interlock System.
    The second card's switch was set to 1 and will be referred to as Card2 . A "sense- box " was built from a box enclosure equipped with current and voltage sensors to … SCSI Terminal Blocks Two 68 - pin SCSI screw terminal blocks are used to connect the input and output channels of the PCI-1710 cards with the sense-box and power supplies.
  • Adaptec 294ouw scsi controller
    ○ Switch to Threaded Mode Adaptec 294ouw scsi controller … of drives and controllers and trying to set up a k6-2 533 box to play with … It's located right below the 68 pin plug.
  • Adaptec 294ouw scsi controller
    ○ Switch to Hybrid Mode Adaptec 294ouw scsi controller … of drives and controllers and trying to set up a k6-2 533 box to play with … It's located right below the 68 pin plug.
  • Using Spare B&W G3 as a RAID box - MacRumors Forums
    If im reading you right, you can splice the power cables with a Y-adapter, and then get a Internal-50/68 pin to External SCSI (25 or 68 HD) PCI slot converter.. i can't remember where I got mine.. but i can … Switch to Hybrid Mode … Pro 2 May 1, 2014 05:40 PM mac pro as a raid box ? macmanmatty Buying Tips …
  • Recent Microsystem Announcements
    Motorola PO Box 20912 Phoenix AZ 85036 Board features four or eight RS-232 serial ports, 64K … … and monochrome-compatible graphics controller, 3.5- and 5.25-inch floppy controller, and SCSI Winchester controller. The 32-bit 68 -21 features no-wait state, pre-fetch cache, and VSB interface; the 16 … … with adaptive equalization and auto dial, answer, redial, data transfer rate adjustment, and data-to-voice switching . Equipped with four 32- pin sockets for up to 512K bytes of EPROM and with 256K bytes …
  • 2 Servers F/S
    ○ Switch to Hybrid Mode It has a 7 Bay SCSI raid box to stack your hard drives in. The board has built in Narrow ( 68 pin ) and Wide (50 pin) SCSI ports with cables!
  • Serial / 8
    … system# Support Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Linux operation system# Optional Isolated RS-422/485 interface box for each port … 4978 - Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 8-lane SAS/SATA controller based on LSI SAS1068 The PMC450 features a 68 - pin high dense connector at the front for the connection of all the RS422 channels. … will be done automatically, eliminating the need to adjust I/O addresses and IRQ hardware switches or jumpers.
  • fs: Tons of stuff!!!
    ○ Switch to Hybrid Mode I have a few things that have been in a box for awhile now and i no … 2 SCSI Quantum Viking II - hard drive - 4.5GB - Ultra2 68pin Wide SCSI internal Hard drives - pulled from MAC g3's formatted for use in either pc or mac's $12 ea .