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    Blades (wind turbine) - (15 companies)
    Wind turbine blades are airfoil-shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. The airfoil-shaped-design (which provides lift in a fixed wing aircraft) is used to allow the blades to exert lift perpendicular to wind...
  • Saw Blades-Image
    Saw Blades - (684 companies)
    Saw blades are cutting implements used in conjunction with saws and other cutters. Saw blades are cutting implements used in conjunction with saws and other cutting devices. There are many different types of products. Types. Examples include: band...
    Fan Blades and Propellers - (67 companies)
    Fan blades and propellers are used to convey power from a source (such as a jet engine) for propulsion or the movement of air. Propellers are an array of fan blades that transmit power by converting rotational motion into thrust. They are sometimes...
  • Cutoff Wheels and Abrasive Saw Blades-Image
    Cutoff Wheels and Abrasive Saw Blades - (479 companies)
    Image Credit: CS UNITEC | Lapmaster International | Norton Abrasives. Cut-off wheels and abrasive saw blades are used to cut bars, stock, pipes and other materials that are made of metal, concrete, or masonry. These center-mounted devices consist...
  • Ink Jet Printers-Image
    Ink Jet Printers - (449 companies)
    Ink jet printers project electrically charged droplets of ink onto a page. Types of ink jet printers include thermal and piezo. Image Credits: Digital Identification Solutions LLC|Videojet Technologies Inc. Printers are portable or stationary...
    Blade Servers - (76 companies)
    Blade servers are self-contained servers embedded in computer boards. Blade servers are self-contained servers embedded in dense, ultra-thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) called blades. A chassis called a razor houses the blades, which are usually...
    Jet Pumps - (119 companies)
    Jet pumps are typically used for drawing water up from a well. These pumps can be used for either shallow or deep well configurations. Jet pumps, also known as ejector pumps, are devices capable of handling and transporting all forms of motive fluid...
    Knife Blades - (223 companies)
    Knife blades are sharp-edged industrial tools for shearing or cutting materials. A blade uses an edge to fracture and slice threw a material. A knife blade can be "toothed" but it still uses pressure against its edge as the primary means of cutting...
    Blast and Jet Machine Components - (15 companies)
    Blast and jet machine components are accessories to blast and jet machines and systems. Products include abrasive jet cutting head, abrasive injector, blast cabinet / enclosure, blast room / cutting booth, blast wheel, crank drive, cutting head...
    Abrasive Jet and Waterjet Cutting Heads - (55 companies)
    Abrasive tools and water jet tools use a pressurized jet of water to cut or shape a variety of materials. Abrasive tools and water jet tools generate little heat, cut clean edges without any gasses or oils, and remove only small amounts of material...

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  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    …demands on table circular saws, September 2010 part 2-3: Special demands on plane and planing machines, November 2004 part 2-4: Special requirements for table grinding machines, April 2010 part 2-5: Special requirements for band saws , May 2003 part 2 .... Component failure 82 , 85, 180 component reliability 186, 188 stress (Working) 541 stress limits of the human body 243 stress … contactlessly acting 63 touch, large-scale 354, to occupational disease-provision (BWS) 365 shock protection on the knife beam 491 description of … 100, 248 conservation of momentum law coding individual to 86 start-up 546 Inchen 351 438 individual .... Slot 335 longitudinal movement, 109 laser scanners 547 laser-scanners 365, 399 laser beam 378 laser system…
  • Code of Federal Regulations > Title 29 - Labor > Occupational Safety and Health Administration > [29 CFR Part 1910] Occupational Safety and Health Standards
    …feeding the paper into the rolls by means of a rope carrier, air jets , or hand feeding .... Alloy steel scrapers with pullthrough blades approximately 3 by 5 inches in size shall be used to remove “scabs” from calender rolls. .... The term saw guide means a device for steadying a circular or bandsaw . .... 82 .
  • Dubbel
    1 band saw , 2 workpiece uc, 3 working plane. .... used bound to a tool (the grinding Honen) or are used also in loose form ( Beams lap). .... division - mechanical separation of workpieces without developing of shapeless material - shear cut the knife cutting, biting cutting .... S 82 . .... The Inductosyn scales have i.allg. a division of 1 = 10 customs or 2 mm.
  • Dubbel
    1 band saw , 2 workpiece h, 3 working plane, uc cutting speed, fz tooth feed, ue operating speed, ae engagement size, fs cutting feed, operating direction angle. .... used bound to a tool (the grinding Honen) or are used also in loose form ( Beams lap). .... without developing of shapeless material, in shearing cutting knife cutting, biting cutting, columns, tearing and breaking (image .... S 82 . .... Allg. a division of 1=10 customs or 2 mm.
  • Romums ice, Microscopic technique
    The laminate with circuit or band saw about 2 mms thick discs divides and in 70 % ethanol, degrease or obliquely keep to place the 2nd plates with the wet abrasive paper in a wash basin so that the surface of the .... Cuts are convicted after every cutting operation of the blade of the Vibratoms or of tissue chopper .... Neuroscience 82(4):1151-1163 . .... Beam tierchen. .... Fix the plant material inch Romums-acid containing narrowness mixing .
  • Basic Data Report -- Defense Waste Processing Facility Sludge Plant, Savannah River Plant 200-S Area
    - Bandsaw ,. .... 60 x 34 inches - **Include. .... ITEM 450 PAGE 1 of 2 DATE 9- 82 ; Rev. 9. .... jet primers. .... - Hardened or special alloys for agitator blades and shafts where necessary to minimize .
  • Dubbel
    For modern amounts transport and passenger aircrafts the typical Spant distance about 500 mms (20 inch ). .... Becomes in flow machines of a with blades of equipped rotors or rotor on a continually flowing fluid either conveyed to work and the energy thereby supplied to it: on the shaft of the driven machine, the mechanical power is to spend .... ( 82 ). .... with horizontal shaft, become the nozzles per wheel with 1 until 2 free jet nozzles and with .... Is band saws saws with continuous, mostly straight cutting movement a rotating, endless bands.
  • Experimental and Analytical Study of Helical Cross-Flow Turbines for a Tidal Micropower Generation System
    82 . .... Figure 4.14 Comparison of Baseline Turbine Performance to Single Blade Superposition Square markers – average value … 6061-T6 aluminum spokes for the Three-Bladed Turbine were cut from a pattern using a bandsaw . .... circular plates for the Four- Bladed Turbine were cut precisely using a water jet mill from a .... Two 2- inch box-channel tubes rest in the flume side rails.