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  • Pressure Vessels-Image
    Pressure Vessels - (692 companies)
    Pressure vessels are boilers and storage tanks that contain liquids or gases and are designed to operate at pressures above 15 psig. High pressure vessels function under greater than normal amounts of pressure without compromising seals or bursting...
  • Storage Tanks and Process Tanks-Image
    Storage Tanks and Process Tanks - (1660 companies)
    The orientation of the tank can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical tanks stand vertically and typically have access ports on the bottom. Horizontal tanks are often mounted on stands or saddles and can have access ports on the bottom or top. The placement...
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    Vertical Conveyors - (289 companies)
    Vertical conveyors are used to lift or lower loads between various levels in intermittent flow operations and where horizontal space is limited. There are two types of vertical conveyors, reciprocating and continuous. Vertical conveyors are used...
    Tank Heads - (23 companies)
    Tank heads are the end caps on cylindrically-shaped pressure vessels. They generally comply with ASME standards or similar codes because of the high pressures they must withstand for use with gas storage tanks, driving cylinders, distillation towers...
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    Pressure Gauges - (1128 companies)
    Pressure gauges are used for a variety of industrial and application-specific pressure monitoring applications. Uses include visual monitoring of air and gas pressure for compressors, vacuum equipment, process lines and specialty tank applications...
    Pressure Sensors - (1073 companies)
    ...for a sensor in a system are: How accessible will the sensor be?. How often will it need to be serviced?. Applications. Industrial. Fluid level in a tank -- A gauge pressure sensor can be used to measure the pressure at the bottom of a tank. Fluid...
    Tank Cleaning Machines - (27 companies)
    ...heated cleaning solutions, sanitizers, acid cleaners, and rinses are sprayed on the internal surfaces of the tank. The high pressure stream impinges against the internal surface to provide optimal cleaning and removal of tank residues. The tank...
    Pressure Switches - (744 companies)
    Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid or gas. They activate electromechanical or solid-state switches upon reaching a specific pressure level. Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid...
    Spray Tanks and Cups - (49 companies)
    ...the required pressure within the liquid coating or paint. Suction-fed or siphon-style spray tanks and spray cups use a fast-moving stream to create a vacuum that pulls materials into the stream. They attach directly to the spray gun...
    Pressure Regulators - (1185 companies)
    Pressure regulators are used to maintain a constant outlet pressure or flow. Pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure in a system to a lower pressure or to regulate system pressure at the desired value. Among the types of pressure...

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  • Countries > Canada > National > Gazette > 2010 > Part I > [CANADA Gazette Part i, 2010-0417] Part I‚ April 17‚ 2010‚ Vol. 144‚ No. 16
    “nominal tank capacity” means the volume of the fuel tank specified by the manufacturer to the nearest three eighths of a litre (one tenth of a U.S. gallon ). .... an equivalent all-electric driving range of not less than 16.1 km (10 miles). “running clearance” means the vertical distance from the level … the manufacturer’s rec- ommended pressure . “temporary living quarters” means … sub- chapter C, part 86 , subpart S, of the…
    There is included a pumping plant of two sets of vertical steam-driven triple-expansion units, each with a duty of 4,000,000 galls, per day, with steam at 2101b. per sq. in. pressure and 150° F. superheat, and a third … flows over a weir, which divides the water into two parts, one about 86 per cent, of … in the final water there is an ex cess of lime of about 2 grains per gallon . .... A heavy precipitate results, and after about 20 minutes the water is passed to primary settling tanks , .
  • Applying a Novel Steam-CO2 Combination Process in Heavy Oil and Tar Sands
    On the sixth day 165 gallons of EPT C-280 foaming surfactant was injected at 1.75 .... Fresh steam generator water in polyethylene tanks was used, plus 1% HE polymer, the proprietary formulation of .... Pressure versus time data taken during the entire steaming stimulation cycle indicated that the treatment did provide .... Figure 5. shows the vertical steam injection profiles before and after treatment with the novel steam CO2 .... The tracer used in the injection profile surveys was an inert gas (radioactive krypton- 86 ).
  • Case Study on the De Havilland Family of STOL Commuter Aircraft
    …163 AC And DC external power receptacles- Under No.3 nacelle 164 Electrical contactor boxes - One each for AC and DC in No.2 and No.3 nacelles 165 Fuel tank· Outboard, 425 U.S. {354 Imp.) gallons capacity 166 Fuel tank . .... 79 ReM pressure bulkhead 80 Pressurization control valves 81 ReM fuselage/ vertical stabilizer spar frame - Front 82 Rear fuselage/vertical sUbilizer spilT frame - Center 83 … frame- Rear 84 Fuel filler - Pres'>lJre refuel/defuel 85 Refuel/defuelline - ReM fuselage 86 Elevator control ca.bles…
  • Rotortec.Com Cloud Dancer
    Fuel tank behind seat; capacity 45 litres (11.9 US gallons ; 9.9 Imp gallons), of which 40 litres (10.6 US gallons; 8.8 Imp gallons) usable. .... Instrumentation Nesis EFIS screen, plus analogue altimeter, ASI, magnetic compass and fuel pressure gauge. .... control surfaces Ailerons Flaps, trailing-edge Flaps, leading-edge Slats Flaperons Spoilers Airbrakes Vertical tail surfaces Vertical … 73 kt (135 km/h; 84 mph) Cloud Dancer II 75 kt (139 km/h; 86 mph) Cloud Dancer…
  • IFB eGenius
    Liquid hydrogen tank capacity 180 litres (47.6 US gallons ; 39.6 Imp gallons); storage pressure 350 bar (5,076 lb/sq in). .... control surfaces Ailerons Flaps, trailing-edge Flaps, leading-edge Slats Flaperons Spoilers Airbrakes Vertical tail surfaces Vertical … Approach speed Landing speed Touchdown speed g limits Range narrative at FL100 and 86 kt (160 km/h…
  • Pressurized water reactor plant. Volume I. 1000-MWe central station power plants investment cost study.
    Six vertical motor driven pumps each to deliver 125,000 GPM at 21 feet TDH; 86 % efficiency; 292 RPM; 771 BHP. .... factor, 18.48°F temperature rise, 8 ft./sec. tube velocity and 1.5" Hg absolute exhaust pressure . .... One stainless steel condensate water storage tank having a capacity of 500,000 gallons .
  • Thermal hydraulics of high heat flux components
    The sensor's impeller transmits a fre- 84 Table 3.2: Equipment list Description Identifying # Tanks Kerrco Vertical 500 Gallon Tanks (two) Pump GE Motor and Gould's Pump Inc. .... B-Series Manual Ball V Needle Valve Parker Stainless Steel Rising Steam Plug Pressure Gauge Ashcroft Test … to 2000 Amps and account for about one percent of power dissipation which 86 Operator Station Monitor…
  • Custom Chemical Manufacture
    Agitated Pressure Nutsche. .... 86 Recrystallization and decolorization Vessel Type. .... Agitated Tank . .... Vessel Volume, gallons , (liters ). .... Vertical perforated basket .
  • Lockheed Martin (Lockheed) S-3 Viking
    Two 1,136 litre (300 US gallon; 250 Imp gallon ) jettisonable fuel tanks can be carried on underwing pylons. .... Single-point pressure refuelling adaptor located on starboard side of fuselage aft of main landing gear door. .... Mk 36 destructors all stowed internally; plus underwing armament of six Mk 82/83/ 86 s, two Mk … 1.24 total Flaps, trailing-edge Flaps, leading-edge Slats Flaperons Spoilers Airbrakes Vertical tail surfaces Vertical…

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