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  • Smart Card Chips-Image
    Smart Card Chips - (27 companies)
    Smart card chips contain a microprocessor and/or memory. They are embedded in smart cards and in portable devices that resemble credit cards but are used in applications such as banking and health care. Although the term “smart card&rdquo...
    Microprocessor Architecture
  • Smart Cameras-Image
    Smart Cameras - (101 companies)
    ...processors make them more flexible than machine vision sensors. Frequently, smart cameras are linescan instruments with exceptional one-line resolutions. Smart cameras do not have a distinct appearance versus other camera types, but are rugged...
  • PCMCIA Cards and Accessories-Image
    PCMCIA Cards and Accessories - (130 companies)
    ...boards, and smart cards. Specifications. There are four major form factors for PCMCIA cards and accessories. Type I cards are 54 mm x 85.4 mm and can be up to 3.3 mm thick. They are used mainly as memory cards. Type II cards are 54 mm x 85.4 mm and can...
    Sound Cards - (47 companies)
    ...reproduction may require multi-channel DACs to apply real-time effects such as filtering and distortion. Sound cards with a line-in connector for signals from an external device such as microphone are also available. These sound cards digitize...
  • Blank ID Cards-Image
    Blank ID Cards - (70 companies)
    ...and other pertinent information about the card holder. ID card encoders can print images as well as created access cards with sophisticated embedded electronics or encoded data. An ID card encoder uses high definition printing to make smart cards...
    PCMCIA Memory Cards - (27 companies)
    PCMCIA memory cards and storage cards are used to add memory (RAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and/or storage capacity (hard disks, CD-ROM, etc.) to computers. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer Memory Card Association, the organization which...
    Line Drivers - (26 companies)
    Line drivers extend the transmission distance between terminals or computers connected along private lines or networks. They improve connectivity across local area networks (LAN), two-wire and four-wire copper telephone lines, and leased T1 or T3...
    Line-shaft Spools - (5 companies)
    Line-shaft spools are mounted to the drive shaft of a line-shaft conveyor. A belt transmits power from the spool to drive individual conveyor rollers. Line-shaft spools are mounted to a shaft (line-shaft) on conveyors referred to as line...
    Flash Memory Cards - (176 companies)
    Flash memory cards provide electrically erasable, programmable, read-only memory (EEPROM) that can be erased and reprogrammed in blocks instead of one byte at a time. Image Credit: Advantech Co., Ltd. | Digi-Key Corporation | Wintec Industries, Inc...
    Optical Line Terminals - (11 companies)
    Optical Line Terminals serve as service provider endpoints of a passive optical network by converting between electrical (voice, data, video, etc.) and fiber optic signals while also coordinating multiplexing between the two. Optical line terminals...

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  • Front Line Surgery
    Be smart , be aggressive, and be focused on the important variables to achieve an effective combat resuscitation. .... BLUF Box (Bottom Line Up Front). .... 9 . .... Almost all patients wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are evacuated by MEDEVAC helicopter. .... RN verifies Uniform, Kevlar, IBA with DAPS, Weapon, ID Card , and CSH contact information.
  • Abstracts of 51st EASD Annual Meeting
    …use of E-health (text messaging and internet), newer insulin administration devices and smarter BG self monitoring .... The attri- tion rate was 11% and 16% in the intervention group and 9 % and 14% .... Gorlice, 5 Outpatient Diet Clinic Fit & You, MedEvac Medical Center,. .... Interestingly, the age dependent pattern of glucose-induced cytosolic calcium influx was in line with the gene .... The expression of 768 miRNAs was analyzed using Taqman human microRNA array cards PanelA+B and normalized…
  • Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age
    …member of the group in the USA, Calvin Cantrell, down- loaded thousands of Sprint calling card numbers. .... network, usually selected machines, by sending streams of packets, as projectiles, to the secondary line of victims. .... 9 Computer Crimes. .... from learning too much you limit their usefulness; if you help them become smarter than you, then … Army eyes robot rescue copters for wounded troops. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/ 2012/08/robot- medevac /?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium…
  • Health Informatics - PoC Medical Device Communication - Part 00101: Guide--Guidelines for the Use of RF Wireless Technology
    …or Part 15 of the FCC rules in the following frequency bands: ⎯ 9 kHz to 315 … designed for low–data-rate, low-power applications such as sensor readings, interactive devices, smart badges, controls, and … power, and many RFID tags are passive and require inductive activation from a higher powered card reader). .... multiple access/collision avoidance (CSMA/CA) protocol (similar to the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet wired line standard’s carrier sense … to allow large data throughput options for mobile vehicles, with obvious potential application in ambulances and medevac .
  • Upper GI Program Abstracts
    …AH received an educational intervention, comprising two teaching sessions, posters in the wards and pocket-sized cards . .... 28 November 1930, the world’s most famous man met the person some regarded as the world’s smartest . .... breast cancer (MDA-MB231), chondro- sarcoma (JJ012) and osteosarcoma (SaOS-2, SJSA-1) cell lines were cultured. .... and maintain perfusion during management of life-threatening injuries (25% of cases) or MEDEVAC to higher levels .... The oesophagus was assessed in 10 patients (18.5%) with contrast swallow (n = 9 ) and endoscopy (n…
  • Marswalk One
    Other considerations Medevac during traverses In the event of an accident it would be difficult to examine .... 8 Interview with Charles Frankel, 9 January 2002. .... Mount on Skylab, and though none of these manned LM variants reached production lines , the adaptability of … food containers and items of clothing, and materials such as thick plastic, thick card , masking tape, bulldog .... NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Phoenix Mars Telecommunications Orbiter Mars Science Laboratory ( smart lander) Exomars Sample return mission…
  • Operations Research and Health Care Policy
    …Quality Council of Alberta (2011) Review of the safety implications for patients requiring medevac services to and .... Manage Sci 55( 9 ):1486–1498 33. .... The solid lines quantify the mean number of infections averted per index case when secondary transmission to .... Report card on cancer in Canada 13:41–43 37. .... amplify the message of how the results of CEA could help with “ smart shopping,” we…
  • High-Altitude, Long-Endurance UAVs vs. Satellites: Potential Benefits for U.S. Army Applications
    …65,536 distinct colors and is often used in high quality computer graphics cards ; 24 bpp allows .... 9 . .... For reference, the Global Hawk "direct line of sight capability, could support up to 274 megabits per … include enemy contact reports, logistics reports and requests for support (i.e., artillery and medical evacuation ( MEDEVAC )). .... Sarkar, B. K., and Chakraborty, A., "Augmentation of Anti-Jam GPS System Using Smart Antenna with a…
  • Small Doses of the Future
    9 . .... the metallic equivalent of a disembodied magician’s hand practicing the motions of a well-ingrained card trick. .... “It would certainly end the argument about whether we crossed the line in letting the ethics of .... Be smart , doctor.”. .... Within 5 minutes, a medevac helicopter was there to whisk Jimmy off to the hospital.
  • http://dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.1/86935/IoS%20_%20Internet%20of%20Systems.pdf?sequence=188
    …with Vice President Al Gore on NetDay at Ygnacio Valley High School (Concord, CA - Mar58 9 , 1996). ....  Global Smart Cities. .... Medevac Reports. .... If it wanted to, that company could just build proprietary lines between its suppliers, its factories, and .... • Registers, Dongle, card readers .