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  • Bartow, WV - Rehab of Failed Corrugated Pipe
    West Virginia DOT considered replacing deteriorated corrugated metal culverts. Many of these structures have reached the end of their useful life. This Field Report presents an existing application where a deteriorated metal pipe was rehabilitated using Snap-Tite pipe for slip lining.
  • High IP Grade Capsule Slip Rings for Pipe Crawlers
    Pipe crawler is a vital inspection device for subsea pipelines, culverts, water pipe, sewer pipe inspections or other inspection tasks. The pipe crawler' working environment is full of high humidity and water vapour even the water, so there needs a high IP grade capsule slip rings for more harsh
  • Denver, CO - Wetland Residential Area
    corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts would severely inconvenience the local residents, potentially harm the wetland area, and cripple the already small SEMSWA budget, a solution was needed to quickly and cost-efficiently replace the pipe.