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  • The Top Five Requirements That Define "Quality Power" in the Eyes of the Power Supplies in Your IT Systems (.pdf)
    To support IT equipment as it was designed to operate, internal power supply units (PSUs) must have incoming power that meets five basic requirements, as defined by international standards set forth by the IT industry. Designed to perform under local electric utility conditions around the world
  • Power OP Amps
    device if it has an output current greater than +-50 mA and a supply voltage greater than 44 V ( +-22 V for a dual-supply device). Some power op amps have internal power dissipations of up to 500 W, and
  • Power-Up Considerations
    When powering up any microcontroller it is necessary for the power supply voltage to traverse voltage ranges, where the device is not guaranteed to operate, before the power supply voltage reaches its final state. Since some circuits on the device (logic) will start operating at voltage levels
  • Hints and tips on the use of cooling fans for power supplies
    even a short distance away. As air will always follow the path of least resistance, only a portion of the air pushed by the fan will actually reach the power supply where it is needed. Internal baffles will help to direct air along the required path to reach and cool the target components.
  • Computer Power User Article - Antec Phantom 350
    2004 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 175 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Given the extreme variance of designs and the need for a unit to compare against our SilverStone, we allowed Antec an extra review here. The all-black Phantom 350 is a fanless power supply with extruded aluminum
  • How to Configure the Tracking and Power Sequencing of FPGAs
    The increase of voltage input rails for delivering point-of-load power to DSPs, ASICs, FPGAs and microprocessors is creating more challenges for power supply designers. Especially as system power and operating frequency demands continue to grow, causing infrastructure, industrial and factory
  • Computer Power User Article - Clean Up That Mess
    internal system wiring allows for better air circulation; helps prevent dust build up; and minimizes turbulence among components, which can lead to unwanted noise. The one component inside most computer systems that is particularly hard to tame is the power supply. The sheer number of cables protruding
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    resolution that can be of CPU time available for other tasks. Although this obtained from the hardware PWM module. When sample rate would provide inadequate control operated from the internal 8 MHz RC oscillator, the response for most power supply applications, it works ECCP module can provide 6 bits
  • Computer Power User Article - "Silent But Deadly"
    be easy to work with and was designed for maxi mum airflow with a minimal number of fans. Ultimately, we narrowed our choices to the Lian Li PC-V1000B and the Cooler Master Centurion 5 CAC-T05-WW. ThermalTake s Silent PurePower W0029 ATX 350W power supply isn t equipped with any fans, hence
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of International Standards on the Performance of Programmable Dc Power Supplies Electronics manufacturers who comply with global safety requirements are developing new, more powerful types of high-performance power su
    technology, new internal design strategies, and power factor correction circuitry. International standards are helping drive the development of advanced types of high-performance power supplies for technologies such as soft switching and power factor correction circuitry. In the past, many North
  • New-generation ESD-protection devices need no VCC connection
    supply and no ESD damage to any internal nodes that otherwise would be connected to the power supply via VCC.
  • Hold-Up Time Extension
    This circuit proposes a method to extend the hold-up time of a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), by adding capacitors in parallel to the internal bulk capacitor. Market forces require Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) to be ever more compact. A consequence of this is to reduce the value of the bulk

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