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  • Fittings: Tapered Pipe Fittings
    Nominal pipe sizes do not match the outside or inside thread diameter. To determine pipe sizes up to 1¼", measure the outside diameter of the threads. Subtract ¼" for the pipe thread size. (example, a fitting measures ¾" at the large end, then subtract ¼", the fitting in question is a ½" pipe
  • Laser Drilling Tablets for Use in Osmotic and Other Novel Drug Delivery Systems
    . The tolerances on hole diameter and shape are usually relatively loose, at least by the standards of other precision manufacturing tasks. A nominal 600 um hole usually has a +-100 um tolerance on diameter, and an allowable ellipticity of 1.0 to 1.5. Holes of these dimensions and tolerances could
  • Tension Testing of Metallic Materials (ASTM E8)
    and a nominal thickness of 3/16 inch or more. Sheet rectangular specimens have a reduced area section of 1/2 inch and their thickness should not exceed 3/4 inch. Subsize specimens with a 1/4-inch width can be used for material thicknesses up to 1/4 inch. When the material has a thickness of a 1/2 inch or more
  • Gaging - Plugs And Holes
    The nominal, or "name" size of this hole is 1/2 - inch. If the draftsman wanted to give the impression of great precision, he could name it .500000-inch. But that, too, is only a name. The nature of matter is such that no hole made with human tools can be precisely .500000-inch across all diameters