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    The Ultem 1000 tmAFCs had metal tabs adhered to the electrode using silver or nickel epoxy, as described in Section Alligator clips were soldered to the top portion of a 2.54 cm x 1.27 cm x 381 pm (1" x 0.5" x 15 mil) piece of brass shim stock .
  • Nanocoatings: Principles and Practice
    … is merely an in- convenience as another one can be brought out of stock and put into … • Place the master (which may first have to be made conductive by spraying with silver or sputtering with gold) into a tank of nickel salts, apply some current and grow a nickel master shim .
  • Injectable microstimulator for functional electrical stimulation
    … a microtorch and the protrud- ing stem is gold plated and resistance welded to a shim plate. (d) Ferrite winding-core: A low conductivity, high per- meability nickel -zinc ferrite stock (,u = 800) is ground into two half-cylinder shapes, each with a longitudinal groove and stepped shelf on its flat face. … this shelf, on which the IC chip and Ta assembly are mounted with silver -filled conductive epoxy.
  • Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition > PLASTIC WORKING OF METALS
    … the material forged, the material in the dies, the quality of heating of stock to be forged … The U.S. Mint gives the following pressures; silver quarter, 100 tons/in 2(1,380 MN/m 2); nickel (0.25 Ni, 0.75 Cu), 90 tons/in 2 (1,240 MN/m 2); copper cent, 40 tons/in 2 (550 MN/m 2). … not obtained, it is often best to correct deflection in the machine by shimming or more substantial …
    To overcome some of these basic difficulties, the author attempted to produce fine and accdrate orthogonal grids in thin metal shim stock , by etching holes right t3rough the metal. The metals deposited most commonly in this process are nickel , copper, iron, chromium, silver and gold.
    the mounting block such that the nickel substrates could be mechanically attached to the Stainless steel shim stock was used to hold the substrate flat against mounting method was employed, a layer of silver paint29 was used between the substrate .
  • SemCor (\
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  • Development and applications of diffractive optical security devices for banknotes and high value documents
    Prior to embossing the output ofthe origination process, normally a surface reliefhologram or diffractive structure formed in a resist type material, is converted and replicated into thin nickel embossing shims used for embossing. … done by depositing a thin conductive layer on the resist master, using a silver spray or vacuum … For label stock the adhesive will normally consist of a water or solvent based adhesive according to …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
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  • Base Elements Index
    Boker’s has accumulated thousands of stock tools for immediate availability to manufacture non-standard flat washers, spacers and shims from over 2,000 materials. Aluminum Washers Brass Washers Copper Washers Nickel Silver Washers Spring Steel Washers Stainless Steel Washers Steel Washers .

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