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    V-Belt Pulleys - (211 companies)
    V-belt pulleys or sheaves mate with drive belts in numerous power transmission applications. They are made in many configurations such as tension idlers and variable speed/ratio pulleys. V-belt pulleys (also called vee belt sheaves) are devices...
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    V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts - (368 companies)
    ...are used with mating pulleys in drives where speed ratio is not critical. V-ribbed pulleys are often used with mating belts for efficient, very high speed power transmission. Specifications for V-belts and V-ribbed belts include: Ultimate tensile...
  • Idler Pulleys-Image
    Idler Pulleys - (69 companies)
    ...a drive belt to guide it or take up slack. A metric idler pulley is a pulley system that helps in connecting to distant points through an idler pulley. Idler pulleys are produced in a variety of styles such as, V-belt, plain, flat, and cable style...
  • V-ribbed Pulleys-Image
    V-ribbed Pulleys - (33 companies)
    V-ribbed pulleys or sheaves have a series of V-shaped ribs that mate with V-ribbed belts. They are used in numerous power transmission applications. V-ribbed belts are efficient, cost-effective, and designed for non-critical ratio drives...
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    Flat Belt Pulleys - (81 companies)
    ...machinery such as computer printers. Flat belts are also used for conveyors. Compared to plied belts of equal horsepower, flat belts are thinner by 25% or more, which allows flat belt pulleys to be smaller than V-belt pulleys. Flat belts are also less...
    Sheaves - (138 companies)
    Sheaves are grooved wheels or pulleys used with rope or chain to change the direction and point of application of pulling force. There are many different types of products. Often, suppliers categorize sheaves by materials of construction...
    Belt and Chain Tensioners - (83 companies)
    ...drives consist of flat leather, rubber, or fabric belts running on cylindrical pulleys, or belts with a V-shaped cross section running on grooved pulleys. V-belts require less tension than flat belts because their greater surface area creates more...
    Grinders and Grinding Machines - (972 companies)
    ...and a tensioning idler wheel or pulley. Grinding machines for grinding wheels are designed to hold bonded abrasives and provide greater rigidity or stiffness than equipment that is designed for flexible coated abrasives. Profile, form, gear and other...
    Flat Belts - (202 companies)
    ...of the pulley, which is why V-belts have grown in popularity. A V-belt is a basic belt for power transmission. They are generally endless in construction and their cross-section shape is trapezoidal, giving it the name V-belt. The V shape of the belt tracks...
    Wrenches - (402 companies)
    Wrenches, also known as spanners, are hand-held tools designed to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque for turning bolts, nuts, and other wrench-friendly objects.

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  • Batch drying kinetics of corn in a novel rotating jet spouted bed
    I, air distributor; 2, screen; 3, distributor cover; 4, ball bearings; 5, V - belt ; 6, pulley ; 7, motor + gear box; 8, motor controller; 9, glass vessel; 10, air blower; 11, electric heaters; 12, PID controller; 13, pitot tube; 14,gate valve; 15 …
  • Double section semiautomatic for glazing plates
    The semiautomatic (see figure) consists of an electric motor 1 with a capacity of 0.6 kW, a V - belt drive and a reducer 2 … … which simultaneously serves as a distributor (it is fitted with a pulley 4), the drive for …
  • Chrysler Engines, 1922-1998
    Common features included turbulent combustion chambers, a seven-main-bearing crankshaft with full-pressure lubrication for all major bearings, a V - belt drive for the high-mounted water pump … … the bottom of the block and the distributor on top ofthe cylinder … The hub of the front flange of the water pump/fan pulley was threaded for fan belt adjustment …
  • Miscellaneous
    … Marine Manifold (photograph) Camshaft Baffle Fabrication (detail specification) Engine Oil Pan with Fabricated Drain Plug (photograph) Rocker Arm Cover Modification (detail specification) Rocker Arm Cover and Cam Baffle (photographs) Pulley and V - Belt Arrangement (photograph) Typical Idler Pulley , Rear View (photograph) Crankcase … ) Distributor Modification (detail specification) Oil Pump Calibration Apparatus (detail specification) Oil Pump Calibration Apparatus (photographs) Cam Lobe …
  • An Architecture for Application of Artificial Intelligence to Design
    … four type 5v belts, a load pulley of 9.0 inches, a drive pulley of 5.9 … The v - belt expert system was compared in an informal test with the performance of two human designers, one an experienced engineer with an analysis algorithm avnilable for support, and one a commercial distributor with only catalog Infor- mation available.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, February 13, 2003 > [68 FR 7407] Notice of Issuance of Final Determination Concerning Bowling Pinsetters
    Brunswick assembles the V - belt to the motor pulley and drive pulley. This involves a process identical to the assembly of the distributor motor described above except that the …
  • Automatic packing machine TsKB-200
    The motor 1 and V - belt 2 drive the 2-stage cylindrical reducer 3 through a safety clutch 4 fitted into a pulley . Using a conical toothed gear the camshaft is connected to the distributor shaft 8 which drives the …
  • Continuous lines for grinding and polishing porcelain goods
    Simultaneous rotation of the three spindles (1000 rpm) is done by contact with the V - belt from the transmission column which is rotated by a double-groove pulley (on the electric motor); this makes the semi- automatic noiseless in operation. … the edges of the ware with stone; 7) spring; 8) copying surface; 9) distributor shaft; 10) rigid …
  • Sell Steering System
    … Module, Resistor, Glow Plug, Rubber Sleeve For Spark Plug, Connector Housing, Ignition Distributor, Distributor Rotor, Ignition Lock … Idler Pulley , Belt Tensioner, Vibration Damper, V-Ribbed Belt, Chain Adjuster, Timing Belt, Time Belt Tensioner Pulley, Belt Tensioner Kit, V - Belt , Tensioning Rod, Timing Belt Kit.
  • Investigation of unpressurized vertical-type centrifugal extractor operating on oil/phenol system
    … the second feed pipe and then passes through a nozzle located in the distributors and perforated cylinders … The rotor is turned by an electric motor through a V - belt drive. Speed can be adjusted by the choice of pulleys and belts.

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