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  • Vehicular Networking: Automotive Applications and Beyond
    The speed distribution changed with higher average speeds at higher penetration rates. .... In this scenario, inspired by the implementation of a reduced speed limit on the A13 motorway in Overschie (Rotterdam) to improve air quality and reduce noise … 80 km/h) with strong enforcement on the mean section speed by camera observations with license plate…
  • Objective Measurement of Vehicle Steering and Handling Performance When a Tire Loses Its Air
    Figures A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, A13 , A14, A15, A16 … equipment consisted of a set of instrumentation capable of measuring the following signals: Longitudinal, lateral, and vertical acceleration at approximately the vehicle center of gravity (cg) Vehicle longitudinal speed Steering wheel angle Yaw … Video equipment consisted of cameras that recorded the following … labeled as “Ave. SWA Change” contains values which were calculated by comparing the averaged steering angle right…
  • Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics
    The direct output of camera is gray-scale image and eliminates the conversion of color image to .... Actual speed vz and v y of the two wheels can be measured by encoders mounted on .... The corresponding angle is {A1,A2, …, A13 }={-18.43°, -11.31°, -8.13°, -6.34°, -4 .... The value of processing time is the average results of continuous running a distance of 10 meters.
  • Averaged Coordinate Reference System Method for Human Motion Analysis
    AVERAGED COORDINATE REFERENCE SYSTEM (ACRS) If no experimental error exists, the resulting inverse kinematic recovery of the .... A12 and A13 are constant transformation matrices from the origin P2 and P3 to the origin P1 … motion analysis; video data were collected using an OPTOTRACK system and three CCD cameras , which are used .... In the experiment, the subject follows a flag to keep a normal walking speed at 1.4…
  • Robust receding horizon parameterized control for multi‐class freeway networks: A tractable scenario‐based approach
    The measured total mainstream demands of the Dutch A13 freeway near Rijswijk on several Fridays in 2013 .... Based on these demands, a nominal demand is estimated as the average of these historical real demands … of these fractions ask for separate measurements for different vehicle classes, which requires cameras to be installed .... Ramp Metering (RM) and Variable Speed Limits (VSL) are chosen as control measures, because they are efficient…
  • Empirical assessment of urban traffic congestion
    The journey times are processed and stored in 5-minute averages . .... journey time data can be used to derive various performance metrics such as speeds , degree of saturation … plates, vehicles stopping en route, and vehicles taking unusual long route between the two camera locations [11]. .... including major avenues such as City Road (A501), Western Avenue (A40), Park Lane, A13 Avenue, and Blackwall…
  • Anarctica as a launchpad for space astronomy missions
    At South Pole, the wind speed averages around 6 mIs, and is remarkably constant for days at a time in both speed and direction. .... The sensitivity of cameras and spectrometers at infrared wavelengths is therefore generally determined by the background flux .... A more comprehensive data set was analyzed by Phillips et a13 .
  • A Drop‐Bar Setup for the Compressive Testing of Rubber‐Like Materials in the Intermediate Strain Rate Range
    The high- speed camera and strain gauges are synchronised as the oscilloscope that record the strain gauge signals send a trigger to the camera on a certain level of strain. .... the aluminium tube does not move, and the strain gauge signals are simply averaged to deduce the .... a ¼ a12 þ a13 þ a23 .
  • Front Matter for Volume 7522
    Presentation Type : Contributed Poster Topic/Symposium : ( A13 ) ESM: Experimental analysis of mechanical properties Keywords : Thermography; Fracture; SEM. .... Damage Characterization in Composite Materials Using Infrared Camera . .... The tensile testing was performed on polymer matrix composites, and high- speed infrared camera was used to … volume using atomic force microscope (AFM) and obtained the pit depth (maximum and average ), area, and volume.
  • Facilitating customer involvement into the decision-making process of concept generation and concept evaluation for new product development
    A1 CPU speed (3 levels) A11-1.5GHz, A12- 1GHz, A13 -800MHz. .... A2 Camera pixels (2 levels ) A21-800M, A22-500M. .... Average importance degrees (%) of critical attributes for different segments Attributes .