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  • Certification of a Boron Carbide Powder Reference Material for Chemical Analysis
    It can also be employed for sharpening diamonds and tools, sapphire slic- ing, and polishing and, due to the excellent wear and abra- sion resistance, as material for nozzles for grit blasting and in water jet cutters .
  • State of the Art of Removing Large Platforms Located in Deep Water
    The second type of abrasive jet cutters use low volumes of garnet or other abrasive materials injected at the nozzle at relatively high water pressure (50,000 to 70,000 psi).
  • Carbides and Carbide Materials (Hardmetals)
    Boron carbide is used in grit blasting nozzles, high pressure water jet cutter nozzles , scratch and wear resistant coatings, cutting tools and dies, abrasives , and neutron absorber in nuclear reactors.
  • Boron Carbide (B4C) - Properties and Information about Boron Carbide
    The extreme hardness of boron carbide gives it excellent wear and abrasion resistance and as a consequence it finds application as nozzles for slurry pumping, grit blasting and in water jet cutters (see figure 2).
  • Survey of new technology now on the job
    This modernization of the cutter has made it possible to realize abrasive - jet cutting of metals with the following parameters: water pressure 200 MPa; nozzle diameter 0.15 mm; diameter of jet-head tube 1.5 ram; water discharge 1.0 liter/ …
  • Prospects for improving machining productivity of large ceramic objects for radio engineering purposes
    The principle of hydroabrasive cutting is simple and involves the fact that water with an abrasive powder (often agate powder is used for this … … able pressure (more than 400 MPa) through a cutter ( jet ) head, having a nozzle diameter of 0.5 …
  • 244-AR Vault Interim Stabilization Project Plan
    High-pressure water jet cutter - This machine uses high-pressure water (-206.84 Mpa [30,000 psi]), gravity-fed garnet abrasive , and a manually controlled directional cutting nozzle to cut strategically located holes into the tops of the tanks to facilitate drop …
  • Dubbel
    … 49 -, hydraulic servomotor R 49 -, Kort nozzle R 49 -, transverse beam tax R 50 -, thrust … … inflation R 50 -, pivotable nozzle propellers R 50 -, jet … … propellers R 49 -, Voith cutter -propellers R 50 -, cycloid … … 4 slenderness C 43 sanding belt T 97 loops …
  • Dubbel
    … 44 -, hydraulic servomotor R 44 -, Kort nozzle R 44 -, transverse thruster R 45 -, thrust R … … inflation R 45 -, pivotable nozzle propellers R 45 -, jet … … propellers R 44 -, Voith cutter -propellers R 45 -, cycloid … … loop reactor N 44 sanding belt T 90 loops …
  • Improvement of Disc Cutter Performance by Water Jet Assistance
    A typical water jet -assisted cutting system has been studied by Fenn et al. (1985), with the aim of improving the performance of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) on a very hard and abrasive rock (norite, having a compressive strength of 250 … In this research, low-pressure jets of water (up to 40 MPa) were generated by four nozzles , two located on each side of the disc, and directed at the rock– cutter interface to remove the crushed material soon after its formation.