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  • Ten tips for designing small and efficient AC-DC switching power supplies
    The design of AC/DC power supplies is inevitably evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. It develops largely as a result of gradual improvements in semiconductors and passive component technologies and materials. Invariably, power supply design objectives. involve not only meeting basic input
  • Teccor Thyristors used as AC Static Switches and Relays (.pdf)
    Since the SCR and the triac are bistable devices, one of their broad areas of application is in the realm of signal and power switching. This application note describes circuits in which these thyristors are used to perform simple switching functions of a general type that might also be performed
  • AC-DC Conversion
    . As such, the power flow can only be from the utility AC side to the DC side. A majority of applications such as switching DC power supplies, motor drives, servo drives, and so on, use such uncontrolled rectifiers. In most of these applications, the rectifiers are supplied directly from the utility
  • Protecting Switching Power Supplies from Inrush Current
    This application note provides some design considerations for inrush current protection of the AC current applicable to Switching Power Supplies (SPS). The solution suggested in this application note uses an NTC Power Thermistor in separate legs of the power supply circuit (see Figure 1). This NTC
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies Application Note (.pdf)
    . These devices also are good for the environment since they conserve valuable energy. In a switch mode power supply, the AC input current is rectified and then converted into a square wave at a high frequency. This high frequency (typically up to 1 MHz) enables the use of small, highly efficient
  • Incompatibility of Power Factor Correction Capacitors with AC PWM Drives
    Usage of power factor (P. F.) correction capacitors is commonplace on many induction motors used on constant speed (across-theline) applications. A fixed KVAR (Kilovolt-Amp-Reactance) value of capacitors is sized to counteract the motor's inductive reactance, thereby raising the overall power
  • Pushing the limits of AC/DC power system design to meet the demands of medical applications
    While it's clear that reductions in size and. improvements in efficiency are constant pressures in the design of AC/DC power supplies, the medical device market has some particular requirements that make the challenge greater still. This article considers these challenges and looks at how recent AC
  • Agilent Technologies: Detecting Harmonics in AC Signals (.pdf)
    Ideally, the voltage and current (AC power) waveforms are perfect and pure sinusoidal. In real life, it is impossible because of there are too many electronic devices powered by switched-mode supply. The switched-mode current pulses create significant distortion...
  • Using AC PWM Drives on Non-Standard Voltages and Frequencies
    Often, there may arise the need to apply an AC PWM drive1 to input voltages such as 200, 208, 380, 415 and possibly other levels, as well as input frequencies such as 50 Hz. The AC PWM regulator utilizes a switching power supply for control power that is sourced from a DC bus. This gives the unit
  • Technical Notes for Power Suppies
    Regulated DC voltage is required for semiconductor devices such. as ICs and Transistors to function. Regulated voltage can be generated. from commercial AC lines with an AC to DC power supply or. from DC power source (such as Batteries) with a DC to DC converter. Each type is further classified

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