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  • Application Note 221101D - Dynamic Torque Measurement
    . Finally, even when running at "constant" average speed, every drive has some angular acceleration which, in combination with shaft inertias, generate dynamic inertia torques.
  • Piezoelectric Measurement System Comparison: Charge Mode vs. Low Impedance Voltage Mode (LIVM)
    Piezoelectric sensors (Transducers) measure dynamic phenomena such as force, pressure and acceleration (including shock and vibration). Inside the sensor, piezoelectric materials such as quartz and man-made ceramics are stressed in a controlled fashion by the input measurand i.e., the specific
  • Conversion Tool for Pressure, Force, Volume, Linear Dispacement and more...
    Here is a free tool to help you quickly convert pressure, torque, force, volume, temperature, linear displacement, acceleration and weight between different units of measurement.
  • Measure Tilt Using PIC16F84A & ADXL202
    Recent advances in accelerometer sensor technology, especially with silicon micromachined types, have driven the cost of these devices down significantly. As of today, you could obtain an accelerometer for less than $5 per axis. Measurement of acceleration or one of the derivative properties
  • Calculating Rise Time Capabilities for Shock and Blast Measurements
    Shock and blast loading of structures is characterized by a very. rapid deposition of energy. When acquiring acceleration or. pressure measurements from transducers mounted on test. structures, it is often desired to quantify the rate (rise time) of this. loading, the relative timing between
  • The Concept of Rate, More Particularly, Angular Rate Pertaining to Rate Gyroscopes
    This applications note discusses in brief, the concept of rate, in particular angular rate, as it pertains to gyroscopes and the measurement of angular velocity, or the rate-of-turn, along with how the data can be used. This applications note is primarily intended to familiarize the reader
  • AccuTOF TM GC Product Brochure
    New TOF-MS provides multiple capabilities in a single instrument. High-end MS achieves multi-functional and combined analyses by efficient operability, with performance higher than that of the magnetic-sector MS. Newly developed low acceleration iontransfer system enabling long-duration
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the automated assembly and solvent bonding of a variety of products cannulae, check valves, IV-set components, filters, and syringes, as well as such manufacturing-related processes as force measurement and leak and flow testing. Why? Continuous-motion systems offer several advantages over equipment

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