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  • Servos adapt to their loads
    Nonlinear motor control is a novel way to handle production lines that demand quick changeovers An example of NCT-based servodrives is the XtraDrive line of servoamplifiers by YET Inc. in Manchester, N.H. YET servos include standard rotary, direct-drive, and linear versions. The XtraDrive
  • Modern Safety and Control for Packaging (.pdf)
    Faster, more flexible, safer - with this objective in mind, the level of automation on plant and machinery continues to advance in all industries. Both safety and control technology take these high requirements into account. If necessary, powerful components can be combined to form complete systems
  • Feedback Control of Computing Systems - Preface
    hoc automation is frequently deployed with surprising results, such as wild. oscillations or very slow responses to changes in workloads. Our belief is that by. understanding the essential elements of control theory, computing practitioners. can design systems that adapt in a more reliable manner
  • PAT: Gateway to Advanced Control for Operational Excellence
    By Rick Rys, President, R2 Controls, and Janice Abel, Director, Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, Invensys Regulating a variable to a setpoint is not sufficient if the measurement is not sufficiently accurate or if the best setpoint is not known. In biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Medical Device Link . Shrinking Fluid Control Systems in the Medical Industry
    that continue to adapt to market changes will be the most successful. Medical fluid control is provided by a wide range of common components, including pumps, valves, manifolds, tubing and connectors, reservoirs, and transducers. Although much could be written on any of these components, the market trends
  • Why Use Industrial Ethernet Products?
    Industrial Ethernet Products are used in the Ethernet wiring of an industrialized area. These Ethernet devices are primarily used for process control and automation and a wide range of techniques are made use of to adapt these products.
  • Simplifying Advanced Power Systems Design
    Digital power management and control provide real-time intelligence that enables system developers to build power systems that automatically adapt to their environment and optimize efficiency. The use of intelligent digital power ICs means automatic compensation for changes in load and system
  • Hub Switch for Next Generation AdvancedTCA Blade Platform
    availability, separate control plane switching, data plane switching, and storage plane switching for AdvancedTCA shelves. The board provides the blade server with maximum performance allowing service providers the flexibility to deploy revenue-generating services that can easily adapt to the evolving

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