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    Wrenches - (407 companies)
    High-quality wrenches are typically made from chromium-vanadium alloy steels and are often drop-forged. Wrenches are frequently chrome-plated for corrosion resistance. Types. There are a variety of types of wrenches including: Adjustable wrenches. Box...
  • Nut Runners and Nut Drivers-Image
    Nut Runners and Nut Drivers - (104 companies)
    ...position, usually on an assembly line. Fixed square drives are designed to accept sockets with standard sizes of 1/4 ", 3/8 ", 1/2 ", 5/8 ", 3/4 ", and 1 ". Adjustable size drives and metric devices are also available. For nut runners with adjustable heads...
    Torque Wrenches - (109 companies)
    Torque wrenches are hand or power tools that are used to apply a specific amount of torque to a fastener. Torque wrenches are precision hand tools that are used to apply a specific amount of torque to a fastener. These adjustable-torque tools...
    Impact Wrenches - (70 companies)
    Impact wrenches are socket wrench power tools which apply a high amount of torque to tighten or loosen fasteners. Impact wrenches use stored rotational kinetic energy to deliver a large amount of torque but over a fraction of a rotation...
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    Adjustable Speed Drives - (212 companies)
    Adjustable speed drives alter the speed of a driven shaft to a speed selected by an operator. Adjustable speed drives change the speed of a driven shaft to a speed selected by the operator. Additionally, these drives are used to maintain the speed...
    Precision Adjustment Screws - (19 companies)
    Precision adjustment screws have fine threading up to 200 TPI and provide micro positioning on tables, microscopes, analytical intruments, and flow metering devices. Precision adjustment screws are precision hardware components that have a very fine...
    Tool Support Systems - (59 companies)
    Tool support systems provide support for one or more tools, such as impact wrenches, screwdrivers, staplers and other tools. Tool support systems provide support for impact wrenches, electric or pneumatic screwdrivers, staplers and other tools...
    Drive Sockets and Adapters - (90 companies)
    ...products and packaged sets of removable wrench and interchangeable bit screwdriver attachments. They are designed to accommodate a variety of nut, bolt, and screw sizes, as well as tool-access restrictions. Selection Criteria. In addition to product...
    Floor Locks - (26 companies)
    Floor locks are mechanical components with an adjustable-height pad. They prevent portable equipment from rolling. Floor locks can be mounted to the underside of carts, lift tables, and platform trucks. They are recommended for use on level surfaces...
    Hand Tools - (1864 companies)
    ...many specialized varieties are available. For example, a standard wrench has two fixed jaws, but an adjustable pipe wrench has two serrated, movable jaws for gripping and turning a pipe. A standard hammer can be made from a common metal such as chrome...

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